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Just a little scared

Hi, I originally joined this group for support after my husbands TBI in 2015, he is doing really well now.

I'm posting today as I am a little scared; I had what they think was a TIA on Monday. Nothing showed on CT or MRI, doppler was also clear. Main symptom was speech loss and mild tingling of left arm and hand. Blood pressure was very high. Prescribed BP tablets, statins and aspirin.

Returned to work Wednesday and all has been well.

Today I have had intermittent neck ache and sinus type headache but otherwise fine, but for the last hour my speech has been slightly off, also a bit of numbness on my left cheek/upper lip. and dry mouth.

I don't want to rush off in error to A and E.

Do minor blips like this happen after TIA ?

Sorry if I am posting slightly off topic, but this was the only place I could think of.

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I think after you have had a traumatic health problem you become more aware of your body

but after saying that if you are at ALL WORRIED you need to seek medical advice urgently

as it is better to be checked over as the symptom's could be unrelated to the TIA

hope that makes sense my brain is not working tonight


You could ring the NHS 111 number for advice.


Thankyou StrawberryCream and dillm2, symptoms have gone for now, lasted over two hours though not as severe as Mondays event. Think I will wait and see for now. I am meant to be on a course tomorrow so will keep phone charged just in case.

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Yes your GP needs to know about this as soon as. If you keep them in the dark they cannot act optimally in your best interests!


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