Doing my head in........literally

Morning guys (from Australia evening for you)

I am so frustrated that nearly 6 months on from my major concussion I still can't lay on the back of my head to sleep, it's sore and uncomfortable. I have to lay on my side, this makes for a lot of restlessness every night as I can't get comfy. I also had to take a baseball cap and Beanie hat off during the days this week as it was too sore for the back of my head. Anyone have this? How long will it last? Any fab suggestions for the sleeping side of things?

Different note, I'm still waiting for my MRI scan results!! Gotta love the NHS

Thanks as always

Lindsay X

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  • Hi Lindsay,

    Good morning (or evening), I read your post with interest. It's a year since my head injury and only this month have I been able to lie on one of the sides of my head that was injured. I've spent a whole year at first sitting up all night for a couple of months because I couldn't lie down at all. I had one tiny part of my head that I could bear touching the pillow for a long long time. Eventually I could lie on one 'side' and as you say..........had very little sleep for all of that time. I still have severe head pains throughout the day a year on, but being able to turn over in the night without being woken by thre pain has helped. It still hurts whichever way I lie, but not so much to prevent getting to sleep. Staying asleep is a whole different matter. Some one posted on the forum on this topic a while ago to say that the bruising inside your skull takes a very long time to recover, and from personal experience,mid agree with that :) x

  • Wow okay in for the long haul. I'm so pleased you feel yours is easing X

  • Hi,

    I'm three years on and still get headaches really quickly if lay directly on back of head. I've been using a beanie travel pillow to support my neck and just take the weight off head and it works. Worth a try. In the first few months I also slept upright with a back support and then moved onto a v pillow - both combined with the beanie pillow, and now just the beanie. All of these are very cheap so try everything! Sleep is essential. Your brain isn't linked into the lymph system, it cleans itself only when you're asleep, so if you don't sleep for prolonged periods plaque builds up and you'll have cognitive issues. Also, obviously most of your body's natural healing occurs when asleep. Hope you get sorted. Ax

  • Thank you so much. I will give all these a try, In fact j have a travel neck thing with me at the moment so will have that in bed tonihhtj xx

  • Hang in there and do remember to rest when you can...even nap. It took 3 1/2 years for my head to recover fully after my car accident and what they said was a "mild concussion". Now I'm feeling the same issues all over again after getting hit in the head two weeks ago. Rest will make it better and don't make excuses for not resting (company coming, work, bills, etc.) because this will prolong it. I know. Get well soon!

  • Thank you for taking the time to reply. I can't believe how complex it all seems to be. I do love a nap so all good x

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