What drinks do you enjoy or are beneficial!

I like loose tea of different varieties like Earl Grey, Chai, Green, Jasmine, peppermint, pear and vanilla, spiced tea and a few more.

Recent reports say that Earl.Grey is more beneficial that taking statins?

But would you please share what drinks you enjoy or pick.you up? So we can all try them too!

Did you know that taking oral pain.meds with a drink containing caffeine helps your body absorb the pain meds better.

No alcohol please, out of respect.

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  • I'm a tea drinker in the afternoon and evening, the mornings are for coffee!

  • I drink a lot of tea.

  • Yeah but it makes ya wee lots!

    Bikers like a mug o tea.

    Well and a bikie or six.

  • I like the energy drinks but they arent very good for you.

    I like Monster "Ripper" and the green one.

    Relentless is OK but theyve changed the recipe recently and its gone very watery.

  • Tea is good !

    For "normal" tea I like Yorkshire tea the best !

  • The green tea derivatives are often discussed as aiding brain repair and assist the body in other ways

  • Tis true.

    They have a very emotionally therapeutic effect. Holistic even?

    As a pick up in the.morning they are brilliant. Especially when you have morning breath, a light flavoured tea with no milk works miracles.

  • We buy those lovely little packets of green tea and jasmine tea bags from the local Chinese supermarkets.

    But most supermarkets sell the trad Chinese brands too.

  • We like the Rooibos vanile!

    It's amazing!!!


  • This may sound a bit crazy, but occasionally I'll drink tea made from cayenne pepper. You put a teaspoon of cayenne pepper in boiling water, and sweeten it wt honey, to ease the hot flavor. You have to at first use very little cayenne, like a teaspoon at first, but you can increase it. You can also mix it wt Green Tea, which can help aid the brain. Cayenne pepper causes blood to flow faster throughout your body. This is what makes it taste hot, but also is what is good about it, because it helps increase blood flow to your brain. It can also help in weight loss, and has a lot of other health benefits. It's an acquired taste, but I like it ...

  • If your injury is rather new, make sure that drinking caffeine is safe. Although I really find benefit from caffeine, if a persons EEG reads a potential for seizures, caffeine can increase the risk.

  • That's a very good point.

    Caffeine can be a trigger for migraines too.

  • A cup of English Breakfast tea first thing in the morning, ahhh, "the life giving tea" ;-)

    Good quality fruit juice with breakfast, OH loves cranberry & blueberry.

    Can't get through the day without a couple of cups of decent coffee. When I was at work, I thrived on Clipper Mint Green tea, can't seem find it these days.

    Before OH's TBI we would get through a couple of bottles of wine each week, but since then we are virtually tea total. As a result, we developed a liking for the "Bottle Green" cordials with main meals, Elderflower is a favourite.

    And of course, a ready supply of cool, filtered water!

    Be very wary of taking medications with juices, especially grapefruit juice, see


    Best stick with water for that.

    Dev, gosh I'm thirsty now..

  • We also make our own flavours of fizzy drinks in the summer.

    It's kinda fun doing this.

    We buy cheap fizzy lemonade from the supermarket. It's usually about 35p fir two.litres.

    Then we give flavour to the pretty tasteless stuff by adding a good shot of squash. Or a mixture of squash.

    Adding concentrated lemon to it guve a real.lemon flavour!

    Can add lime squash for lemon and lime.

    Orange and mango squash is great too.

    Or tropical squash.

    Experimenting with this is fun all based around very cheap fizzy lemonade.

  • Caffeine can be a trigger for seizures if you have you are prone to them, so be careful. That said, when I do drink coffee, or caffeinated beverages, it does seem to help improve my overall cognition.

  • I drink coffee in work, when Im at home I drinkt lady grey and vanilla rooibos and when Im down my bf I drink normal pg tips and if Im not in a caffeine mood its squash (orange or lime) or plain/flavoured water

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