A sense of calm and stillness

A sense of calm and stillness

A little off topic, I'm afraid but this scene struck me last night. There are very few places that I don't take my camera and this was no exception.

I suppose was drawn to the stillness of the water with the long reflections, combined with the enormity of the crescent moon and the clarity of Jupiter in a perfectly cloudless sky.

I think it spoke to me about keeping calm and grounded in the madness and chaos of pain in my post-bumped head.

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  • clare beautifully described


  • Lovely Clare ; thank you. xx

  • Looks like pure serenity to me. Thank you Clare. Xx

  • Serenity it is ..... fabulous photo and description.

    Thanks. xx

  • Such a fabulous photo, made more fabulous by your description! It is important to recognise there is still beauty in the world, with our own struggles & daily media reports of horrors & hardships it can be hard to remember that.


    CC xx

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