New topics to help organise community posts

New topics to help organise community posts

Hi all,

We've added a number of new topics to help organise posts on the community, and help identify those that are most relevant to you.

You can now select one of the following topics when making a post. They're sorted in alphabetical order by HealthUnlocked:

Benefits & finances

Brain injury effects

Carers & family


Daily living

Hospital & rehab

New members


Other brain injury

Poems, art & photos


Posts will still appear in the main feed on the site, but you can now search for those in a certain topic using the list on the right-hand side of the page (see the image).

We hope this helps, and would welcome your comments on this new feature.

Best wishes,


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  • Thank you so much for doing this.

    It will make it much easier for us to reply to those in real need and to find the humour when we feel low.

    Thanks again.

  • Brilliant news ! Looking forward to using this new system, all needs catered for : )

    Many thanks ! x

  • Thank you for making this easier when posting.Its probably me but I don't understand the searching -I cant see a list or image on the rhs.

    If anybody can help me out on this please-I'm obviously not seeing something that's straightforward.

    Thanks again.

  • I am with you too Karen. I cannot fathom the image or list either.

  • Hi Sem,

    Please see my reply to Karen ( below ) for help with new system.

    Hope you can fathom it from my ramble ! x

  • Hi Karen,

    I've just had a play about with this.

    Not sure about the 'image' mentioned but if you look to the right of my reply and scroll up You will see a list headed 'Topics',( underneath the 'related posts' and 'pinned posts' lists ) click on your preference of topic to see the posts. There aren't many in any category yet as the system is brand new !

    Similarly, when making a new post, below the 'is this a post or question ?' box is a box that says 'select a topic', click in the box where it says 'no topic' to drop down the same list so you can choose the topic that best describes the content of your post : )

    Hope I have made sense ( that'll be a first for me ! ) x

  • Oh found it now at the bottom of the page. Thanks for that Angela. Was that a small cognitive test they set up for us cos it took me a while lol. No seriously thanks headway that's much better now :-) and thanks again Angela


  • Thanks Angela found it at bottom of page. Think headway were testing us with the small cognitive test there!No seriously headway it's much better thank you!

    Thanks again Angela for your helpxx

  • Sorry I sound like a parrot but none of these replies appeared on my I pad. I'm sounding like such a non gadget person or is it my age?

  • Thanks for clarifying the repetition Karen - thought I'd lost the plot for a minute there ! Until recently I didn't even know what an I pad looked like, let alone how to use one !

    I'll stick with my laptop, I can just about crawl round a few tasks and buy online : )) I don't even have a mobile as I find them hard work, wouldn't remember to recharge or bring it with me most of the time - one thing less to lose anyway !

    Hope you are doing okay and still managing your walks with Roxy x

  • Yes Angela thanks doing ok -hope youre well too. Even walked to the 'big' park the other day just the two of us where there is a big field..Felt so chuffed I'd done it I nearly cried and I felt so free n safe in that big open field. It was great. Cant wait to go there again :-)


  • I'm good thanks, Karen.

    So pleased to hear of your further adventures - Jess and I love going to 'big park' too !

    Haven't been able to go for a while due to other commitments but finally managed last week, we both really enjoyed it. I do so love my green spaces. I always feel relaxed and at home in the great outdoors, day or night.We both slept in awhile the morning after too, not just me that feels the fatigue these days ! : ) x

  • Thanks Angela I'm wondering if its because I'm on my mobile as I still see nothing will go on my I pad and try that way.Thanks for the helpxx

  • Hi everyone,

    Sorry about that, the image seemed to disappear yesterday (!) but I've added a new one. It's just a screenshot showing where the list appears, but hopefully that'll help a little.

    When you first go to the Headway community you can't always see the list, you need to click 'All posts' in the top-left first and you'll get to the full community screen with the topics on the right. Hopefully this is something that'll be adjusted in future.

    Unfortunately I can't see a way to see the topics on the mobile version of the site which does limit it a little, but I'll forward a suggestion to HealthUnlocked to see if they can include include it in a future version.

    Thanks for your feedback on these and I'm glad they're helpful - do let us know if you have any issues or suggestions.

    Best wishes,


  • The topics are listed at the very bottom of the page on the mobile version already thanks Andrew.

  • Ah yes I can see them now, thanks Karen!

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