hi all hope this finds you all well x

scott has spent most of the day sleeping,i also find myself bored at times,today I got another letter from esa saying if I don't get them another sick note by the 12 they are going to stop esa I have been trying to get scott into see the doctors for the past 2 day ,we have to ring at 8am in morning for same day appointments and yes 2 mornings I have rang and got through after half a hour only to be told all appointments have gone grrrrrr so I asked if I could have a sick note for scott she said I will ask ring back at 5 and will see if the doctor has done it for you ,so yes rang at 5pm only to be told he is not going to issue scott another sick note till he sees him as he may now be fit for work ? wtf... now am stuck I carnt ring tomz morning as I have DWP coming round between 10am-12 ? I am now worried they will stop benefit and we will have to do all this all over again

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  • I don't know if you are able to do it, but I go and stand outside the doctor's surgery 15 mins before it opens. Then I get an appointment for that day, I have also found it impossible to get through on the phone. Ridiculous isn't it.

    Good luck.


  • yes it is I can not go stand out side as it is 3 miles away and no bus route so I would have to walk and I wouldn't want to leave scott alone in the house for that long I proberly come home to no house no scott

  • Oh, that's awful. At least our surgery is only a mile away. I couldn't get an appointment the other day so asked for a telephone consultation - it was 6 days wait, even for that! Don't you have any helpful neighbours? If I lived near, I'd help but I am miles from you!!

  • Hi.

    I'm so sorry to hear off your current problems.

    Yes everyone seems to work for each other nowadays.

    Not part off a team.

    What I do with the doc's is constantly redial the phone until I get through.

    This is no good for my"Stress Levels"

    But if I don't do it I would never see a GP again.

    You seem to have everything going mad around you.

    Do you want me to offer you some help/support you get everything straight ????


  • any help support will be greatly recived ,thank you

  • No probs.

    How much help can I offer you ????

    Do you want me to break down things so that you have a plan ???

    We might be able to group things together cutting out duplication !!!!

    I can also contact everyone concerned if you want ???

    Sorry for more questions but I need to know what type off help/support that I can provide you !!!!


  • dont suppose you can do online appointments ?

  • No

  • irish rose dont panic captain mainwaring dont panic.........youre in a stronger position than you think. just tell the dwp your doc is being an asshole and they can sort it out.

    for future reference, and to save yourself time and the price of a stamp, if you take it to job centre theyll fax for you free of charge.

    good luck please let us know how it goes


  • I would but that's 5 miles away

  • sorry rose i forgot you said you lived in the the middle of nowhere.........thought trying a carrier pigeon hahaha........sorry

  • Oh Rose I really feel for you. I've had these same problems with my GPs surgery for years. It's impossible to get an appointment closer than 2 weeks away and, if you need urgent attention, they casually tell you to 'Get yourself to A&E', despite hospital doctors being in crisis from constantly doing the work of overpaid, underworked GPs.

    Explain your dilemma to your DWP visitor tomorrow (show her these posts if necessary) and ask him/her why you and Scott should be penalised because of failings in the NHS system which are way beyond your control and which tie your hands completely !

    Honestly I understand the frustration caused by disinterested GPs and their staff ; I've been driven to tears/rage too many times after being brushed aside when I've badly needed help.

    Sorry I can't be of more practical help. I hope things go better then expected tomorrow. Cat xx

  • Unfortunately that is the norm with the ESA to have to keep submitting sick notes. I have the same problem with getting apts on the day with the GP but what I used to do was to put the date on the calendar when the next medical certificate was due, depending on how long the GP wrote it for eg 12 weeks. But then I would also put it on the calendar for 2 weeks before to remind me I needed to book an apt. None urgent apts could be booked up to 2 weeks in advance and so that avoided the problem of trying to get the on the day apts. My surgery also enable apts to be booked online through the patient emiss platform and so I could do it from home which was so much easier and far preferable than repeat dialing to try and get through to the surgery by phone. I also order my repeat prescriptions in that way as well. More and more GP surgeries are offering this so might be a helpful idea to check and see if yours do. It certainly de-stressed me with the frustrations with the surgery!

  • Good luck

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