well I hope this finds you all as well as can be

just a few updates it seems that the house is not fit for us so there are going to move us

scott condition has made little inprovment but a little is better than none

went to the doctos Wednesday to ask if scott can fly and got a no he also asked if he had another mri scan and been to see stroke team I said no not yet he then looked at his pc and said ok we will need to refare you to them OMFG didn't they do that 4 montjs ago when they got the results of the first mri ? so yet again they have sat on information for 4 months and done sod all , am really losing it with the nhs so yet another 4 months goes buy with no treatments , now we got to wait again. somine please take me out of this nightmare here was me thinking things are looking up ,well that was short lived ,am so mad with them,so in 7 months he has had mri scan and some OT come out from nero am really upset that he will not have much chance at recovery now,i really want to complain but don't know were to start

susan x

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  • How about giving Headway a ring and see if they can suggest any help you can get to make sure his treatment is done properly. They might also be able to tell you if you could make a complaint and if so, who best to complain to.

    Hope things pick up a bit now.

    Lots of luck


  • will give them a call x thank you

  • Oh gosh Susan what an awful saga of things not happening! Sadly I don't think I this is unusual as services for us do seem to be very lacking and Drs not understanding or appreciating that the outcomes can be better if the interventions are accessed early on. Is it the GP or the hospital, or both that you want to complain about? Both should have info as to how and to whom yo go about it? I have had to make formal complaints about hospital services.

    Do you know where you are to be moved too? I do hope that is to somewhere you feel happy to be.

  • both really ,they are moving us to in Skegness as we 5 miles away and there is no bus no shop n nothing it is tumble weed village was ok when scott could drive but now he carnt we are so isolated and the doctors is a 3 mile walk from us

  • This is just awful Susan. I hope you'll phone Headway (if not done so already) for some support, and advice on making a complaint. It seems like we have to do a 'song & dance' to get ourselves noticed where the NHS is concerned these days.

    It really is time that all your bad luck came to an end m'dear. Let us know what Headway recommends. xxx

  • Definitely sounds like the move from the 'sticks' to the town will help from a getting around point of view! Just hope they find somewhere you feel happy to be your home.

    If you go onto the website of the hospital you have a grievance with you should be able to find out 'how to complain'. Likewise your gp surgery should have a website where you can find the info as well. Otherwise contact PALS which are usually based in the hospital and they will help you know how to go about raising a complaint.

  • hi cat 3 have not rang them yet as I don't know what to say I have been online and filled in a complaints form about hull hospital.but am struggling how to complain about your gp ?. the ot have been good as the have gave him aids like purching stool frame around the toilet a wheelchair a rolator but as for treatment he has had none and like I said we 7 months on now

  • Sorry for the delay Susan ! As Caroline has suggested, if you go onto your GP surgery's website it will have a section giving patients the opportunity to lodge a complaint. And the same with Hull hospital ; there will either be an online complaints procedure, or else there will be information on how to proceed with a complaint.

    Take a look online tomorrow, and if you find the necessary forms, let me know and we could decide on the wording together if that would help. If you get stuck, message me anyway, and we'll put something together which says what you want them to hear.

    I'll be out 'til about 4pm tomorrow, so maybe we can catch up then ??

    See you later m'dear. xx

  • Hi cat I have now done the compaint about hull and am just going to go on the doctors site catch up later x thanks for the advice

  • Good for you m'dear ! Keep us updated won't you......... xxx

  • susan im the service user thats why sometimes im a bit unfriendly.

    went to see the neurologist, he was a pompous git and i really ripped into him, he was dishing out all this crap, but when i let rip he couldnt take it.

  • oh I see well am so upset with how they have let him down

  • susan what iterests me is why theyve said he cant fly, i was allowed to 4 weeks after my stroke

  • I think its couse of his other problems memory loss and his mobility and his consuntration he just told me to hold on till next mri and stroke team

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