well been to see doctor at 10,30 the first thing he says to my husband is you need to loose weight ? didn't go about his weight and his weight has nothing to do with his RTA I told him all the problems he was having and they are sending him to a neorolagist and for a mri scan he asked me if scott used a walking stick before the RTA I said no he has that as he is wobbly on his pins and says his kness hurt all the time I told him a list of problems with scott he has now gave me a sick note for 2 months ,so that's LOOKING UP NOW he did say the problem he may have with his basal ganglia may not have been caused by the RTA but could have been there before and the RTA could have bought on these problems

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  • Good news Rose ; you can take a break from worrying about benefits for a while and, hopefully, your GP will issue sick notes for as long as needed.

    You might think of making a note on your calendar for a couple of weeks before the next sick note is due, so you can be sure of getting an appointment in time for when the present one runs out !

    Best wishes to you both. xx

  • I have cat3 just sit and wait now x

  • And hopefully.....................Relax !! Hope your weekend is a much pleasanter one than of late Rose. ;-) Love, xx

  • Thank you cat your too x

  • That is great Rose a bit of relief for you. Glad your doctor has got ball rolling for Scan. If I can offer a bit of advise for you it is.. Do Not let him go back to work until he is 100% fit in himself and more so cognitively. I learned hard way, I let his work persuade me to let him go back they said it would be good for him, myself and more so my children and said if it went wrong they would hold hands up. It did and they did not.. He was still attending Rehab and they knew this.

    Also if you feel his cognitive behaviour not getting any better push for rehab sessions with Neurophsycologist.

    Good luck, keep us posted on how he is doing xx

  • Hi Irish rose

    That is great news. It must be such a relief.

    Love n hugs


  • rose cat when i first had my stroke i had to get sick notes every month so id make an appointment to see the gp ( not the brilliant one ive got now ) but she gave me a sick note 2weeks early but was dated two days before the sick note was due to run out

  • I was sent to a physio after the RTA as had quite a few walking/moving problems...which apparently were just because of my weight according to her...absolutely nothing to do with fractured neck, back, ribs, stoke or TBI... nope-just the cake! Phew!

  • Hi, it is great you can be with your husband and look out for him. I have read the comments and realized nobody mentioned weight in recovery process. I dont exactly know your husbands story and maybe the doctor was to harsh but weight has enormous meaning when it comes to any illness. And the good news is that it can be controlled. I put on weight 8 kg since my Sah surgery and this affects blood circulation, hormone levels etc. my GP said i still have normal weight but i should remember to eat healthy. Im sure you know all that and im sorry you felt treated unwell by the doctor but loosing weight may actually help on many levels- confidence, then you are in control of your body which gives additional good feeling, plus the spine has to carry less which helps to keep good posture. Of course it is not only that what matters but definitely something to consider. Take it easy. Iwona

  • I doubt his weight caoued the RTA

  • Of course it was not the cause, i did not mean that. I just mentioned it could help the recovery process. Bests

  • Iwon084 is right in what she says though, the doctor should of been more considerate in what they said. Could of put that better. They all go on about weight loss. The brain is trying to tell the limbs what to do and less weight on them joints do make it easier. I think the doctor should of explained why weight loss is needed for the best. It's not a case of its that that caused the bi but weight loss can help the brain recover xx

  • You know no body went on about his weight when he was doing 16 hours a day workung for dpd delivering parcels ? Now in the 4 weeks he been off its now all about his weight ? Please tell me why ?

  • Oh I didn't realise it was his old job saying something. I miss understood. I thought it was about his recovery x

  • No it was the doctor telling him that but doctor never said owt all the time he was working long hours about his weight funny how that is

  • Hun it's not a problem till the brain needs help to fix things. It will seem strange. Like I say I think explaining to you the reasons for this may help you understand. Doctors are pants and don't have people skills XX

  • Oh Hun Iv just read one other questions on your page about family ect. You sound so angry, angry at everything and rightly so with your life changing so much. The way you feel angry, lonely and the rest is very normal. Peoples comments including mine will wind you up. Come on here scream and shout, we will give our advice then you can scream and shout at us that's what we here for. As hard as it is cause of lack of support try to remember that the kids wont know how to handle this so turning there backs is a way of saying it's not happening. If you are really stressed out they wont like to see you that way so will avoid you. Have you got a headway near you, sounds like you got nothing near you, I mean near ish you. They may be able to come out and help and advise you for getting help ect. You can scream at them they don't mind, well I don't think they do 😦. We will give you advice on here, it's just advice. We don't know you so please don't take anything personally, that's not how it's meant. You will get honest advice on here. Use it to your advantage even if you don't like what's being said. We are all here for you, take care Hun x

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