am broken

hello guys x well I thought things was going well ,I sorted the ESA and PIP sent in the sick note with the esa form 2 weeks ago I rang up ESA to see were our claim was as we are only getting 20 quid a week come in ,I was asked what I was on about they don't have a claim or a sick note on there system from us.well I nearly ended up on the floor I thought no this can not be happening to us I was crying so badly as things are getting very bad we have no food and I only have a little bit of electric left ,I said you gave me a prepaid envelope to send it back she just said no we ant got it and there is nowt on system so claim again :{ well by this time I was a mess I don't even know who to turn to as a have already had food off the food bank I now can say I am at my lowest point ever keep crying worried about hubby well being my internet is going to be cut off in the next few day :{ a long with my phone how can they do this to people am getting to the point now I just want to walk away

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  • Oh Rose, you must get in touch with the emergency Social Services line first thing in the morning. You must be able to get some emergency help whilst they are sorting out the problem. If no joy, then phone your local MP. That usually gets things moving.

    Be strong, it will be sorted out. jan

  • irish rose it can take min 7 working days but if there is a back log i can go date received so may take longer.

    i dont mean to be the bearer of bad news but ive been in that situation before and it doesnt get any better becaucause you cant renew the certificate until a couple of days before the old one runs out......then youre relying on your gp

  • I got a duplicate sick note

  • Get both the MP and the local papers on to it first thing.

    Thinking of you both

    Love n hugs


  • Hi Irish Rose. I thought I was the only one to be refused. As you know, they ask the most ridiculous questions, e. g. Can you cook a meal? Answer-if I don't who will. I live alone. Etc. I can't get ESA cos my pension is too much. I have 37 years national insurance paid, so to get me off their backs have said I am retired. 3 years to go to OAP I'm going to do my best to last even with heart troubles and brain damage and the ripe age of 62. Hope things go well for you. Dave

  • Hi again, so sorry to hear of all the trauma you're going through......isn't it just hopeless sometimes? I agree with the posts above. Go to your M.P. and try to arrange an emergency crisis loan if possible from your local benefits office. If you have your internet cut off (but I'd ring the service provider first to ask if they do a 'payment holiday' for people in your position), then your local library will let you access the Internet free of change for an hour a day. This might be helpful for contacting utility companies etc if you need. It's free to join the library, and free to use the Internet for an hour (sometimes more). Just remember to take proof of ID like a utility bill, and some photo ID like a driving licence when you go to enrol. :) x

  • Hi I don't drive the nearest library is a 5 mile walk they carnt do payment with out sick note sky do not do payment holidays so am stuffed

  • Oh, sweetheart!

    Social Care (Social Services) may be able to allocate a 'crisis loan', I've had them pay out £40 for students who have been abandoned or otherwise left without means by parents before now. Do you have a local Headway branch you can phone before your services are disconnected? They're well-versed on systems and processes, and know which buttons to press, as it were.

    The benefits system is a train-wreck, I'm lucky enough not to be in it, after three rounds of brain surgery, separating from my husband etc, I'm still just about afloat. I'd help if I could, but all I can offer is advice.

  • Rose - did you get in touch with your local vicar? Please do try this avenue.

  • hi all x well my husband got a txt yesterday from DWP saying they have his claim from but need the sick note grrrrrr I by this time had emailed my mp and told him what was what I rang the help line only to be told my form is loged but not the sick note that I sent with the form ,she then told me the sick note goes to a diff dept so here goes again on to the phone to another dept half hour wait on the phone and am in the lady on the phone this time was helpful and said she had no idea why they saying the sick note is not there as she logged on and there they was both the sick note and the claim form ,I said to her I have no money no electric no food and we been like that for past 2 weeks she said it will take a few days to sort the claim out I said oh no then she said hang on a min so I did she then came back to me and said £229 will be in your acc in the next hour and that she was so sorry about all the mix up she said we are getting £114.70 a week ESA paid every 2 weeks and that our next payment is on the 8th august yippeeee now was it me ringing up or was this the mp doing ? am so thankfull x

  • I'm so relieved to hear about this. I'm so relieved for you. Isn't it appalling? Have you made a claim for PIP yet? You're allowed to claim PIP even if you're working, and it doesn't affect your ESA. Send me a private message if you wan to ask any questioned about the application, but lots of people on the forum have already posted advice if you have a look. :)

  • Thank goodness ! You finally spoke to someone who made sense and recognised that your case was top priority. You must be sooo relieved : ) Pip claim is under way - generally takes a few weeks but you will be back paid. You may also qualify for council tax reduction, housing benefit ( if you pay rent ) etc. - apply to your local council for the forms for these. Use the benefits calculators below, put your current income figures in and your personal circumstances to find out what you could get.

    Well done for your persistence ! x

  • Well done you for keeping at it, one bit of good news at least.

    Make sure you look after yourself

    Sue xxxxx

  • The system is appalling & is additional torture for people with brain injury. I have only just read this thread but am so pleased it ends on a higher note than it began. It's terrible you & your husband have been caused additional stress. Best wishes. xx

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