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hi all x

well after yesterday am feeling a lot better , things are going in right direction now ,I have now rang head way and they are sending me some leflets out :} so am trying to be positive about things .I am finding it hard to get anywere we live in a small hamlet were there is not a bus service ,as scott carnt drive at the mo its flustrating when I need things and carnt them ,am finding I am running out of funds and worried how the hell we going to cope we have put in for esa but been told that can take weeks ? anyone got any advice as like I said the next few day I will run out of money ? thank you

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  • Hi

    Can Headway come to visit you ? Can you ask for CAB visit ? Have you contacted Remploy ? They were very clued up about entitlements etc . At a very last resort can you apply to foodbank for food whilst benefits settle ( I volunteer at one) ? Can you get help for occasional taxis ? ( ask local council as no buses might be able to ?) Get community rehab team on board too ...

    Hope something along those lines helpful.


  • They didn't offer any help they just said they will send leaflets out ?

  • Ask !? :-) leaflets might not be enough...though I don't know what the local branch can provide....

  • Remply have very bad feed back so won't go there

  • Food Bank will only let you use them twice and they only give you 3 days food which is pasta that I can not eat

  • irish rose why the hell havent you already done it ? get your arse down to the benefits office first thing tommorrow morning

  • I carnt couse they need to talk to scott

  • They should be able to do it by phone I think ....with both of you there ? :-)

  • No he said we carnt claim couse he needs to be claiming pip first then they will know our household income I don't know what it all means as we have never been in this situation before but somthing better turn up am on emergency electric and got 14 quid in my acc food very low but we can go without food but not electric as I need to wash every day due to scott incontinence

  • Speak to Headway, Remploy and Gp first thing tomorrow ! Speak to bank for overdraft ? Get food vouchers for local foodbank before the weekend. It's what they are there for . Know its all extra work but do make a start.

    Good luck !

  • Why gp they ain't going to give me owt ?spoke to headway no offer or info on anything just wanted to know about hubby condtion ?how am I to get food vouchers we always worked so have no idea

  • irish rose thats a loads of bollocks. pip esa jsa they can aall come with housing benefit council tax . there all means testested.

    contact social services as well. if he still plays up tell him he either pulls his finger out or hell be eating shite for his stubborness

  • Pmsl

  • Your gp surgery will have dealt with many people in similar situations. Gp surgeries are able to givr food vouchers and can advise more. It's a case of being persistent.

    I wasn't/ am not entitled to anything....and no one suggested community neuro rehab, headway or anything...but had to find these things out for myself.

  • Oh , ok.was trying to help you be positive.

    True that foodbanks will only help tide you over , but better than time for benefits to be paid. And I see exactly what goes into our local provisions....only some things are pasta and there are usually some extra top ups

  • Hi Susan, could you apply for a crisis loan ? :

    Any relatives/friends/neighbours that could help you out temporarily financially or with transport needs ?

    Pip is the only non means tested benefit - it is not based on income and can be claimed by anyone, working, not working, on benefits, well off or poor. It is based purely on how the disability affects someone . All other benefits are means tested, going off your income ( from work, pensions and other benefits and savings ). There is no reason why you can't apply for everything at once - I did ! : )

    Was Scott employed before his illness ? If so, is he entitled to sick pay ?

    Things I would expect would be worthwhile for you to apply for are : ESA, housing benefit ( if you pay rent ), council tax reduction, besides PIP. Citizen's Advice will be able to give you all the info on this. If you tell me your rough location of where in the country you live, I will look up on Headway's website to see if there is a local branch near you : )

    Angela x

  • off to see CAB this morning at 09,30 to try and sort something out scott can not come with us as he has had a really bad night last night :{ I hope they will sort me out with some vouches to tide us over ,my son said he will help but is offer is only limited too I have put in for esa and pip so least the ball is roliing I have no idea how long these things take

  • irish rose excellent positive move ignore my comment

  • Hi again Susan ,

    The info on crisis loans only applies to Northern Ireland now - elsewhere in UK it has been changed to other forms of help so I will give you a link to this :

    Best of luck ! X

  • Hi irishrose,

    I am so appalled that you have been thrown into this dire situation without warning and are so soon having to give up food, a basic necessity if you are to continue thriving and caring for Scott.

    Apart from the agencies already mentioned, have you registered with your local carers organisation and county council as a carer? I didn't do so for about 9 months. It's not the first thing on your mind. However when I got around to it, I completed an online form through my county council's website. The information was automatically passed to my county's carers organisation, adult social services and to my GP. Within hours I had a phone call from the carers org asking me more about my situation and about the support I was seeking. I would imagine they help people in all manner of crises so they may be able to assist or at least advise and signpost you to someone who can. I'd post a link but not sure of your location.


  • There is nothing that can be done till I start getting benfits the CAB did give me a 3 day food voucher

  • Hi Rose,

    I'm so sorry for your terrible circumstances. Most local authorities offer a bus pass scheme which inlydes a 'disability' entitlement. To be entitled you obviously must have a certified disability, but if your husband has been instructed to surrender his licence because of his head injury, you may also be entitled. (I was). Because I'm pretty mobile now many months after my accident , I assumed I wouldn't qualify, but the criteria is not based on how far you can walk, or how mobile you's based on whether or not you may use usual personal transportation - or whether a doctor has banned you from doing so. I'd be lost without my bus pass to get to medical appointments in other towns. You can often do it online and then go to the council office for the photo ID. Also (not sure if you have sky tv or any other contracted bills). Sky tv will often reduce or suspend your payments temporarily if you're long term sick, as will some motgage companies and other utilities. x

  • Hi Rose

    Approach your local vicar. My old vicar used to be on the board of 5 or 6 local 'benevolent' funds set up centuries ago to help local people in distress. In addition our churches would offer financial/in kind help - e.g. pay a bill on your behalf or buy you some food.

    Was Scott ever in the forces? If so SSAFA/Royal British Legion may be able to help. Most professions have some kind of 'benevolent' fund or similar.

    Is Scott in a trade union? Again they often have hardship funds for people whose lives have taken an unexpected downturn.

    Check your life insurance, credit card, and any other regular payment policies to see if they have a disability/ hospitalisation/chronic illness waiver clause. My premiums for life insurance have been paid since I got ill, and a few months later my credit card was cleared by the much maligned PPI. Lately, after my brain op, my monthly payment was made for me too, so that was another few quid I don't need to find this month. Hurrah!

    You may have to change a few things - we moved from a 5 bed house back to a 2 bed cottage when I got ill...a bit drastic, especially with 2 boys in tow, but we couldn't afford it, my husband was full time carer for me as, at the time, I couldn't manage the trip from kichen to lounge, so it wasn't really viable on all sorts of fronts.

    Get your shopping delivered by ordering online, pay for it with Tesco vouchers if you have them. Ask family if they can help in that sort of vein if you don't. People often have them clocking up quietly. We managed 3 or 4 weeks on those ...

    Hope these suggestions are of some use.

    Blessings xx

  • Oh and another thing - incontinence may entitle you to discounts on water and elec bills because of increased use for medical reasons. Speak to your providers.

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