Done it again

We got back from a lovely holiday in Northern Spain midweek and I was feeling really positive. Yesterday was the first time I ridden my horses since I got back and I managed to get thrown off and landed pretty badly flat of my face. So a trip to hospital strapped to a board followed and lots of xrays. I was discharged a few hours later with the minor head injury advice. My face looks a picture today and I ache from head to toe. I am so annoyed at myself and so hope I haven't set things back.


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  • HI Sue,

    We still have to live our lives and if you enjoy horse riding then why not. Im still riding moto cross since my accident last may and loving every minute of it. Rode yesterday and coming on well now, my daughter rode too. Have a fantastic Sunday evening. Nick Xx

  • Thanks Nick, have a lovely evening too.

    Sue x

  • Well Sue you know the risks and you're adult enough to make the decisions you do, hope you are ok and good luck with the continued riding.

    Janet x

  • Janet

    You're right and I can't imagine giving it up. I am more annoyed with myself. I'm sure I'll be much better in a few days.

    Sue x

  • I agree with Janet and others above - if you are aware of the risks it is your informed choice! In my case though I have children and decided to give up riding horses (and ski-ing) as I could not tolerate risking their wellbeing. Still they are into horses so I am surrounded by ten at the last count! I look out for them and oversee their care so I get my equine fix that way!

  • Once initial recovery is done and dusted we all need to get back to some version of 'normal' and for you that includes riding - wouldn't catch me on one of those big beasts mind. But yes, you are always going to run the risk of being unseated. Only you can say whether you are prepared to live with that. I run the risk of my aneurysm bursting if I sneeze....risk is all around us, sometimes we have to take it, sometimes we weigh it up and decide we want to.

    Personally I think you are crackers, because I think anyone who gets on a horse is crackers, because they scare me silly...but most people seem to be quite fond of them so I accept my viewpoint probàbly seems equally crackers to you!

    Glad you were not too damaged by the fall this time, and wishing you a good and speedy recovery from its ill effects.

  • Thanks malalatete, feeling much better this morning

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