Doh, Doh, Doh - did it again

Doh, Doh, Doh - did it again

So when I went shopping at our local German based mini market, they had their usul special purchases. Ah, I thought an own brand version of Fabreeze air freshner that will come in useful and save some money. Did I think to look at the label properly - Noooo.

A few days later, helping the other half to spring clean (what is it with hoovering do it,then it needs doing again a week later :-) !) Thought I would be helpful and freshen up the room with the air freshner - but it wasn't air freshner, it was foam shower cream, specially formulated to not disintegrate quickly. The stuff shot out like a combination of silly string and shaving foam. The TV got it, the chandalier got it, curtains, ornaments - it went everywhere even the dog had some. It was 22 degrees outside and looked like a winter wonderland inside.

Lucky the brush wasn't to close or I would be back in A&E with another bump on the head

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  • haaaahaahhhaaa LOL !!!

  • haha! The other day my wife and I were eating. I was telling her something about the broccoli I was eating and she said you know that's asparagus you're eating right?

  • sca sprouting broccoli asparagus easy mistake mate

  • Sometimes i get it wrong naming what i am eating. Not because of the injury - its just my wife is a terrible cook :-)

  • could have been worse sos.......the other half could have got it .......and who knows what would have happened mate!!!

  • Isnt it great when you get it so wrong.

    I can remember celebrating our wedding anniversary by renting a chalet with hot tub.

    I had managed to cook a simple but very nice meal. Chilled the wine ( for my wife).

    Then before joining her in the tub decided to load the dish washer.

    Have you ever put a laundry tablet in a dishwasher ?

    Well I did. Went back in for more drinks to find winter had arrived in the kitchen or a very good foam party.

    Oh how we laughed. Ok it took a few hours to clean up. On the plus side the plates were lovely and clean and soft.


  • Oops

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