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Ooops I did it again

Dont panic not turning into Britany Spears.

Had another topple over the other day.

Been feeling a little rough and was out walking along minding my own business when I thought I had brought my left leg forward only to find out I hadnt.

A little clue was seeing the ground hurtling towards me. I reached out to try and catch hold of something. I watched my left handmiss the post I was going for. Then seeing my thumb bend backwards distracted me from falling.

So much so I was a little suprised when the ground was suddenly squeezing the air from my body which distracted me from the pain in my hand.

So there I was winded and with a sore hand. Well it was decided I was better getting it checked out.

Well nothing broken this time although it was reassuring to be told by the doctor that it would have been better breaking my arm or wrist as the recovery is simpler.

Great ......note to self next must remember to break something. Also why did the doctor look at me strange when I asked him " can you break it for me then"

No sense of humour doctors.

So here I sit feeling fed up and with a strapped wrist....oh they are not sure what I have done.......but they have informed me it looked painfull......so glad I had it checked out otherwise I may have not noticed the pain.

Moan over......now what can I break tomorrow ?


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Don't break anything! Just be careful xx


Thanks Alice.

Never plan on breaking anything. I just thought the notion of it being better to break something than tear or sprain something was a little funny.

Surely it would be better to not do any injury !!!


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Oops-a-daisy. Pity it wasn't today 'cause you could have doused in in witch-hazel ; a very underestimated remedy for swelling & pain, but only if it's applied immediately.

Hope you'll soon be on the mend Pax. xx


Hi Cat

will try anf remember for future falls.......sure it will happen again.

Feeling better today thanks. Apart from when I forget and grab something with my left hand......not the best thing to forget.

I have been told to go back if it continues to hurt........they didnt say what to do if it doesnt hurt ? I am tempted to phone when it stops hurting to see what they say.

I suppose in a strange wsy I am supporting the NHS by keeping them busy....not the way I would choose to support them but hey.

Hope you are well.

Pax x


a cup paxo05


Thanks Steve but already ahead of you there. Managed two plates and a bowl this morning whilst " being helpful" and tidying.

Wont print what my wife said !!!!!!



Hi Paxo

Oops indeed. Only thing I can suggest is to remember the walking poles.

Especially now with the falling leaves.

Get better soon.




Hi Random,

Have got walking poles but only use them when walking in countryside.

Not sure what logic I use for not using them on a day to day basis. Apart from I was determined to be able to walk without a stick for as long as posible.

Must be pride and stupidness I think. Only problem I have now is I cant hold the stick because of pain when I grip.

I always thought wisdom came with age but in my case I think I get more daft.

All the best Pax.


Hi Pax

What's the expression? Pride comes before a fall!!.

I know exactly what you mean when you say "I was determined to be able tonwalk without a stick for as long as possible" .............. being told that my miracle won't last and aging will lead to the full effects of the damage becoming apparent is enough motivation for me to keep to the plan.

And try to remember that prevention is better than cure. I think the pain might be a reminder for now.

Lovenhugs always


PS. Absolutely love the change of name from Paxo (presumably meaning well stuffed) to Pax with the meaning of being at peace or at least détente.


Wet leaves, uber slippy - hard work.

Dry ones, a joy to rustle through ( check for onlookers first ! ) x


It is one thing that I haven't managed to reduce as part of my recovery - the sudden falls and stumbles. Sometimes I can be standing and just lose my balance and the number of things I have broken through being clumsy.


Hi Paxo, loved what you said about Doctors and a sense of humour, I'm sure it gets knocked out of them while they are in training. Had the same sort of thing happen when I had my accident in May. Have a good day. N

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