Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid .... Arrggh!

As the title says, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, Stupid!! ##!@/***!!.

If anyone has a suitable brick wall I can bang my head against for a couple of days, please let me know (padded brick wall, of course, I'm not *quite* stupid enough to want more TBI, although that is occasionally a matter of some doubt in my household. : -/ ).

Somebody wrote my car off a few weeks ago and I finally found what looks like a suitable replacement, some distance away from where I live . So, idiot that I am, after getting back from a test drive, I said I'd take it.... Having completely forgotten that I wanted the back tyres changed and a couple of other points looked at (in fairness it was a hundred yards from the car to the office and.. Ooh, shiny, look at that ... <sigh, Bang, Bang, Bang!> ).

Naturally, I also forgot all about the very principles of haggling, got my cheque book out, wrote the cheque for full amount (trusting them to deliver once it had cleared) and not really taking on board that the cheque was made out to an individual or that the receipt didn't include the seller's name or company address, and there was no warranty ... All things my wife pointed out to me when I got home. Also, in fairness, I had printed out a list of things to inspect on this particular model of car, and a list of things to check during any transaction, but my desk has a habit of accumulating all kinds of stuff like that that I manage to forget about whilst they're printing out (they must sort of go invisible, there's probably some new kind of physics at work, or gremlins move them for a few seconds) and they were still there when i got back, just sitting there laughing at me .

There are some days when I just despair.

Oh, one final thing - if you see a Sense Of Humour, with a wicked grin on its face, running past you, it's mine and i want it back.

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  • Ah, if only I could, but I know it's not the coat hangar's fault (or even the cat's fault, should i feel like kicking it (not that I have a cat, but you get the idea... )). I'd only feel guilty.

    More pragmatically, I know full well that Murphy's Law would come into full force with immediate effect and mean I *needed* that particular coat hangar for some urgent and important task. They were going call "Murphy's Law", "Nemo Really's Law" but something went wrong when they named it... :'(

  • So hang on nemo.........are you now in possession of this vehicle and are you certain it really is a mistake ? I only ask because many years ago I was given a wreck (Triumph 1500) which was headed for the scrapyard owing to seriously damaged body. After lovingly spending a couple of weeks repairing & restoring the body and undercoating it, I got a pal (aircraft sprayer) to give it a re-spray (£25) and it was transformed into a really reliable & nice looking motor.

    Hope you can achieve 'damage limitation' at least. xx

  • Thanks Cat,

    Cars and I have this thing going, a short of constant April Fool... purely on their part, of course. I adorn them with fine tyres and change their oil regularly, but then they do things like have entire wheels come off when I'm going round a corner, or have a rear axle component corrode and, despite being effectively just a short bit of metal, cost around £ 200 pounds to replace - no joy at any breakers - and the main Volvo dealer said they'd *never* replaced one, ever, and he didn't understand how it could have corroded right through.

    I had a reputation at Uni for experiments going wrong or strange things happening (like Geiger Counters chattering away when pointed at me), none of which could be attributed to error on my part - even the lecturers noted that I was, quote, "unlucky", unquote. :'(

    I had a Triumph Toledo once, can't really remember much about it except it being somewhat under-powered for the Welsh hills.

  • Hi nemo ,

    Im very delighted to say that I have seen a ,very well developed, sense of humour matching your description. It was definitely present and very much alive and well in your post. Look after it well, I know mine sometimes goes awol which can be terrifying, along with water and oxygen its among the very few essentials of life . Lets all laugh at ourselves with forgiving kindness ( you may need to remind me of this in the very near future !)

    Very best wises

  • I'm struggling with converting my somewhat inchoate thoughts into words at the moment, but yes, a sense of humour is very important.

    I'm finding the concept of (self) forgiveness rather hard just now . My mistakes affect family and undermine/waste such abilities as I do have. I know I've got organic brain damage but, emotionally, I can't help but feel it's All My Fault and the sense that I really ought to be more... competent - I mean, how can anybody forget what they were going to do within seconds of standing up? It's just plain silly, it's not as if it happens *all* the time. And how can anybody take *weeks* to *not* remember a few simple facts? It's crazy, so it must be me doing Something Wrong. Yes, I know different but that's not how it *feels*, especially when going through a bad patch when too many things are going on. And I'm moaning and I don't like doing that either, more so when there are others whose problems considerably dwarf my own.

    Normally, I feel my sense of humor as kind of inner elastic that keeps all the pieces together and gives a core strength through its restorative power. However, at the moment it feels more like a wet sticking plaster on a large hole in a balloon that's under to much pressure... and the knot at the bottom is unravelling.

    Ooh, look! Here comes Murphy... with a pin. Yep, I can't start the ADHD treatment until I get cardiology clearance and, after 3 months chasing and waiting for it, I've got an appointment... in June!

  • Your sense of humour seems to be totally intact and working perfectly which is just as well after your auto troubles!

  • Not sure about that... there are a few advisories on this year's Sense Of Humour MOT! ;-)

  • Hi

    I am stuck in further back in the process . Any suggestions?

    I cannot get DVLA to send me the fitness to drive letter. They have had the letter from my consultant and also my GP..They told me it could be up to 13 weeks. That has gone a few weeks ago . I rang them. Hopeless. I still have the actual licence but Without the "fitness" letterthat I cannot get insurance.

    I had to cancel getting my "new" car 2 weeks ago and I am gutted. My world is so small as I cannot walk far and I feel I cannot ask for lifts anymore.

    Any suggestions

    Best wishes and good health to you all


  • My DVLA licence is still being reviewed a year after I notified them. As per usual I was given no steer from the doctors whether I should drive or not. They put it back to me to decide if I was fit to drive.

    Have you thought about going to one of the driving assessment centres - they can often accelerate the DVLA process ?

  • I can't offer any advice for this one, I'm afraid. However, I pray that it gets resolved soon. I understand how restrictive it is without convenient transport.

  • Poor you! Sounds foggy out there. But you can upgrade the car with your portable sense-of-humour airbag

  • Awww nemo_really I'm so sorry to hear that!

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