Call me mr kipling

This may not be totally relavent but here goes.

Decided to bake some buns today as our twin grand daughters are coming to stay for a couple of days.

My wife was at work and my daughters had finished "keeping an eye" on me for a bit. So being a rebel I went for it.

I used every dish getting the ingrediants ready, its the only way I can cook. I even used my new mixer I had pestered for as a xmas present.

I even altered the recipe but couldnt believe the result. Now you may be thinking no big deal. Well it was as I have never been able to bake any form of sponge even prior bi.

Result a dozen cherry and almond buns........well a say a dozen , one seems to have vanished. All I will say is they even taste good.

Had a rough few days so felt I had to share this . I know its a trivial thing in the great scheme of life, also I know others are facing harder challenges. Just cant believe such a small triumph as had such a big effect on me.

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Yep Paxo, I get it ; I really do. The smallest accomplishment can be an amazing lift for the spirits when viewed amidst our frequent cockups. And yours will have brought pleasure to others too. :-/

Well done, & I hope you'll continue creating many more delicacies now you've had such success !! xx


Never, ever underestimate the power of cake! Not for nothing do we talk of 'domestic godesses' - the baker is a home kitchen hero. Sounds like you enjoyed yourself thoroughly in the process too.


Fantastic result and a sense of achievement.

Cooking is one of the things I had to remaster after my injury. I went from taking 3 hours to make a cottage pie to knocking out lattice puff pastry fruit pies.

The non injured underestimate the amount of skills and difficulty involved in cooking ; concentration, memory, ability to follow instructions, planning, sense of time, taste !, hand and eye coordination etc.

The list is huge which shows what an achievement it was

Well done

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Good on ya! Always fancied a go at baking, myself. Just never really got round to it. I doff my cap to you!



yum! wheres mine? recipe please! and yes indeed a big thing


Great news Paxo baking the cakes is a achievement in it's self, but the most gratifying thing is after BI there is still a life to live. So give yourself a big pat on the back. On a personal note I have found since emerging from a coma in 2013 I have seemed to have been a gift of writing especially to the Newspaper letter page's.

Last week I had 3 published in the Daily Mirror and in total including the local "rags" about 42 in just under 2 years. This has made me very proud as all the letters are about the unfairness and injustices in the world

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i love cake since my BI. Before I had no sweet tooth at all! Not only accomplishing baking lovely buns but also your granddaughters helping must have made a very enjoyable. You could enter British Bake off! I wonder where the 12th cake ventured? Bakers used to bake bakers dozen, 13 for such reasons I guess. Enjoy your cake mixer.

After a few rough days it is great to have fun and enjoy. I know the feeling well.


I'd forgotten about the 'Bakers dozen' Sem. I do it with my home made mince pies, except that I need to test 3 or 4 before I'm satisfied they're a success. :o x


Yes, we have to taste a few, one is never enough :). My niece who is 10 visits and bakes her own rock cakes at my house. We sit and munch through them, and since visiting her dad's grandparents up North, Abi makes herself a pot of tea. Bless. She is growing up fast.


The big question is have you finished the washing up yet? Lol

Seriously well done! The faint aroma of your sweet cherry smell of success has just reached me and reinforced my determination to try again this week.




Yes I did do the washimg up random thank you very much. I would not be alive today if I hadnt. The amount of of things I use is a unbelievable.

Have been out all day with grand kids and now feel absolutely done in ......and there here for another day or two. Think I will sleep from wednesday to sunday.


Well done Paxo05, it's a huge thing the baking, when I made my 1st cornbeef pie, pastry from scratch on my own I was super chuffed, photos were going to everyone and even on my Facebook page and Twitter lol. I find cooking to be very relaxing, even with the stress of following a recipe, so sometimes I do it my own way and it usually turns out better. I've not poisend or killed any one yet so I'm guessing that's a bonus lol.

Keep up the baking and I look forward to hearing more of ur cullnury cooking skills.

Lisa85 x


Baking was a massive thing for me too, unfortunately my cakes end up like biscuits! Thankfully my son is like a master baker so I still get my cake 😄

I love cooking but there are times when we only get half a meal due to me forgetting to turn the oven on! My family is used to eating odd meals. My smoke alarm was the tea gong for a time, and the kids used to say that it was interesting shade of golden black!

Good on you!?


Must admit "caramelised " became my signiture dish. Although I realised I had problems with my exploding boiled eggs.

I have sort of got the hang of cooking. I carry a clip on timer, although I do forget why sometimes. Plus I have put signs all around the kitchen door " check oven".

Had another success, on a role here, have made rocky road. Ok ok so technically its not baking but hey it still tastes good.

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Signs that say 'check oven' ! Genius ! Thank you!


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