3 years

Can't quite believe that it is 3 years since my accident.

The really big progress is that I am talking (and even making sense at times), reading with the help of the typoscope, walking sometimes even upright in straight lines and writing ish.

In the year since I found out what is wrong I have been given the typoscope and recently a hearing filter and am still learning to avoid the headaches.

Big frustration at the moment is the DVLA. Need I say more?

Volunteering is giving me the much needed sense of feeling useful that work used to while Braille class and walking group make me socialise. Yesterday I was approached by someone who thinks I am very funny, informative and inspirational (big head alert!!) And wants to help me do talks to groups about my experience. That is the next target to aim for along with hoping to get to 6 months before needing yet another set of pans.

Wherever you or your loved one is on the journey I wish you all the love, hope strength and patience you need.

Have a great weekend.

Lovenhugs to all


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  • Hi random,

    Pity you have just missed out on labour ekections.....maybe next time.

    Seriously well done . It is great to be able to talk again, although others soon wish you would shut up again. Or was that just in my case.

    Keep on pushing dvla...it is worth it..eventually.

    Dont worry if they tell you will only improve in the first few years....16 years on and still improving...then again it may be me being a slow learner.

    All the best Pax x

  • Hi Pax

    Still learning to try to control the verbal diahorrea and I still find conversation easier than answering questions by a long long way.

    About the DVLA my short licence expired in April and they wrote saying it would be at least 9 weeks...in August they wrote saying they had written to the specialist and not heard back. The specialist had been on annual leave when the letter arrived at the hospital. 2 weeks later and another letter from DVLA saying that they have heard from the specialist and it will be at least another 9 weeks.

    I am still doing what driving I can and they tell me that it is OK to do that until I hear from them one way or the other. It's a really annoying lack of clarity and that is something I don't cope well with.

    Thanks a lot for the reassurance that there is still more improvement to come. I guess with the big stuff out of the way the future improvements are more subtle.


    Randomphantoms aka Shirl x

  • Yep DVLA are on another planet.

    I never actually lost my licience, they just told me not to drive until they were happy I was ok.

    Strange thing was they never told me how they would find out.

    Eventually ( after much badgering by me) I was sent for assesment test. Still kept my licience.

    Passed this test apart from clutch control. Fine I thought I didnt mind driving automatics.

    DVLA agreed and took my licience off me.

    Finally returned it minus lgv motorbike and a few other grades. At least I could drive an auto so I was pleased. The irony of them only taking my licience away once they said I could drive was lost on them.

    Keep improving Pax x

  • Hi pax, After my car accident (France) 9 months after BI and 4 days after arriving new home having driven 600kms to get here, Nov 2013, the police finally caught up with me:-) the co I'd employed to inform everyone including police of my changed French address didn't, and guess which one they didn't inform? So End June this year I had to go to Court, and yes lost my licence. Other car hit me, but I was stopped wrong side of road, so my fault! Now I've also got to take one of those courses like they do in UK, to prove I know the French Highway Code - all to be done in French, over 2 days, €160 min cost, starts 8am, no transport and 30+ Kms away. No chance! Thats what has been worst of all things that happened since BI? Losing my only form of transport-won't get my licence back unless I attend the course and get my certificate. I also use the licence as an acceptable form of ID here so I don't need to keep my passport with me All the time, now I do have to and worry about losing or forgetting it, I'd changed English to French licence 2 years before, which I'd have had to do anyway cos if accident.

  • Hi. Yes time fly's when you are having "Fun" HaHaHaHaHa !!!!!!!!!'

    Yes things can/will improve years after a B/I.

    My little "Devil" won't go away.

    Yes keep on at the DVLA uther wise the will forget you.

    If they needed anything they will want it straightaway.


  • amazing! my hubby will reach his one year aniverisery in november,we are having a one off party to thank our friends for there support and celabrate his ongoing reacovery

  • Hi.

    I is Great to reach that point !!!

    We found out that my wife was pregnant with our 2nd child.

    She is now 15. "Gosh" they time fly's when your having "Fun"

    She is another one off my "List"

    off things that I "Won't" be able to do "Again"

    They sure knew how to Kick a Man "Down"

    Well they tried but never achieved.

    And never "Will"

    Sorry to waffle on !!!!!


  • Life is only worth living if you can have "fun" and even make fun of the trials after the air has been blue for a while and someone has snapped you out of it.

    I have no idea how anyone with hearing sensitivity can cope with dogs. Thanks to a bright idea of my hubby we are temporary "parents" to 2 spaniels and isn't it FUN!!!!!!!? The mood swings, headaches and higher levels of meds are driving me to the mad house.

    It will soon be over.

    Apologies for the waffle.

    Here's to lots more fun.



  • Hi. Thanks, we are your new help & support family !!! Please ask away with anything you need !!! We all pick each uther up were possible. Please take to us as they do say a Problem Shared is a Problem Halfed !!!! Please offload your fears & concerns & we will support you !!!! Please ask away as this will help believe me. My B/I doesn't stop me from living a life. You to will be the same believe me !!!


  • Hi. That's no problem, we are all in the same boat or should I say (Ship) Sorry but when you say "It Will Soon Be Over"'what do you mean ?? Don't worry about "Waffling" that's what we are all here for !!!!! So keep on "Waffling to your hearts content"u

    Let me know if I can help you further ??


  • Hi Steve

    It will soon be over means that we have got a sort of date to hand the muts back. Sometime between the 24th and 27th of this month. Can't come soon enough.

    They are beautiful but when they get excited it is hell on earth and even the hearing filter can't stop the headache.

    Everything is out of whack I can't do my exercises properly cos the dogs are under foot. The routine is shot to pieces and I know I'm going to have to spend a good amount of time trying to get the hairs from all the places that hairs just shouldn't be.

    Trying to stay on track and just getting ready for walking group.

    Enough of the moan and off to enjoy stretching my legs.

    Thanks again




  • Hi. Thanks - I wasn't to sure & I wanted to check I hope that you didn't mind ?? I hope that you enjoyed your walk ?? I'm have big problems mobility not wise. Never mind.


  • Hi. It won't be long !!! You will have your work cut out cleaning up after them. Luckily we have only got a cat & she likes to be outside. All she needs is food and water & somewhere to sleep. She does like to lay on you or by you. She also likes to be on your pillow which can be a bit difficult for my Chronic Pain.

    Sorry for getting carried away.


  • Hi Steve

    Walking poles were helpful today and let me safely stretch my legs.

    And joy of joy the muts were excited to have me home !!!!

    You mention you are having big problems at the minute

    If you want to pm me and there is anything I can help with go ahead.



  • Hi. Didn't you take the dogs for a walk I bet they/you would have liked that!!!!!

    "Only Joking"

    Yes I'm having mega problems getting "Funding"

    for my "Deep Brain Stimulation" Treatment.


  • Sorry can't help with that one but all the very best with it.



  • Hi. Don't "Worry"

    The NHS hasn't got any money these days. I need to "WIN" the Lottery !!


  • Hi Steve.

    Ding dong the dogs have gone!!!!!!!!

    Got the first full night's sleep in almost 6 weeks.

    Yes it looks like de dog hairing the house is going to take quite a while.

    It feels really good to be able to get back to normal levels of meds again and to be able to do my exercises again.

    Just thought I'd let you know everyone survived.



  • Hi, that sounds great !!! it will be nice for you to too get "ship shape" again I bet !!!!!! Fatigue is a killer at the moment for me, how are things with you ??


  • Hello Randomphantom, It is good you are making progress, however small, the important thing is moving forward. In my experience, there are many social and other barriers that do not make it easy for us and understandably, makes us feel like giving up many a time. Try to remain strong and as you say, you are finding benefits from your volunteer work. I know I did. The key in my view, is continue making small steps forward and don't let the !x!x! wear you down.... it sound like you don't. Take care. Mike

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