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How about some feel good posts

do you have any incidents which may not have been funny at the time but you can laugh about now

one of mine was we were going to have burgers for tea, but we had no buns (or they had gone off) and my wife said i will just put them in bread, and i totally lost it, because burgers go in buns not in bread, i am reminded of this incident all to often when my OCD gets over bearing

and it does make me smile thinking about it :) :)

ohh and for the record burgers do belong in buns lol :) :)

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Yep, I flooded the kitchen one mid winter evening by leaving the hot water tap running. I went upstairs and totally forgot about the tap being on and the plug was in. When I came downstairs I heard running water and saw a shallow lake.

So agree, have had burgers in bread and they are ok, bur buns are bestest :)


I like burgers full stop, bun, bread I don't care, I just want a burger..... Actually really want one now!


mmm burgers

i went to a pub called the duck inn they do steak and burger challengers the if you can eat it, then its free type

look at the size of this burger

anyway i just had a double burger and could barely finish that, so i dont know how anyone could eat the burger in the link

and then there are the steak challenges starting at 80oz going all the way up to 150oz lol :)


There was a strange light in the sky one night and several neighbours came out to investigate. 'Course I desperately wanted it to be an alien craft and ran inside to fetch the binoculars. I saw what appeared to be a rotating object with lights around the base and, standing on the garden wall, I began shouting (way out of character) that it was a UFO......."Oh I knew they'd come one day......this changes everything !"

After what seemed like ages as it glided closer and the word GOODYEAR came into focus there was much pointing and sniggering from family and neighbours. It was, of course an airship.

I'm reminded from time to time of the spectacle by people still sniggering and doing cruel impressions of a poor innocent soul hoping to connect with other-worldly beings.

How embArrassing. :-(


Yes Mum,my boyfriend dumped me after this. You didn't like him anyway! And as usual you were right ( about him not, the UFO) However I do remember you being a little more excited about it than how you have described it here, ie its a f***ing UFO, not just once wonder your kids are bonkers, haha xxxx


Never mind haha- - - - - -where is the respect for your mother ? (who was trying to keep her dignity). :-(

I am, even now, plotting my revenge !! (xxx)


Hi, love to read these mum and daughter posts its great you're both on here, helps give the site a family feel, love Janet


Bring it on! Xxxxxx


hahahahahaha :)


hahahaha :-)

Reading this has really made me laugh!!

Anyone for a burger?


My OH gets his words mixed up and one sunny day he was looking through the windows

at the bird house and trees and said "Its really nice to look at all those mice in the trees"


As part of my recovery I wanted to rekindle my cooking ability. I had got all the ingredients ready and started preparing the items. I came to the point where I needed celery and went to the fridge to get some - none there. I got my wife to drive me to the local min mart to get some. Went in did the usual bloke thing and bought more than I went in for. Put it in the boot and then said to the wide &*#@ I have forgotten the celery. Never mind she said we will get on the way home from the local shop. She went and got it this time and put it in the boot - next to the one I had just bought. To make matters worse when we got back I put both lots of celery on the chopping board - right next to a pile of celery I had chopped !!

Apparently I have a different form of OCD now - where the C is for Celery !


Ohh Nooo where do i start??? am still in BIG trouble with my little sister, We bumped into each other at a craft fair ( well she saw me and stood right in front of me and wouldn't move) All i could do was think who on earth is this mad woman and what does she want? DID NOT have a clue who on earth she was! No one let's me forget that one. Then there's the time i fed the cat's washing powder.....Can't remember any more but i know the list goes on and on....:)


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