Magic cure?

Well thats got your attention hopefully. Sorry but I dont think this is actually a cure. Since being back on this forum and talking to others I seem to be having a few more good days. Coincidence ? Probably but I like to think not. Today has been a good day. Visited my youngest daughter at Lincoln uni , eldest daughter took me there and had a great catch up ( yes I admit it I miss her ). Then after a little nap ( a first for me in the day) went of to bowling with Headway. I even won a game , how it happened is still a mystery to me. So yes talking on here as put a few fears at rest and helped lighten the dark moods. So its a big big THANK YOU!!!!! to all who have posted/answered on here. It may not be a magic cure but it sure is close.

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  • Great, positive post. Hope it continues for you Paxo!

  • Comments such as these are an inspiration to everyone, and give this forum an extra 'shine'. So thank you Paxo for words we need to hear every once in a while.

    Cat xx :-/

  • I popped into Lincoln yesterday, well I would do, I live there :)

  • That's so good to hear, Paxo. You've certainly helped me recentl. Have a good day today xx

  • Yay! Go. For more good days

  • That's cool. Glad you're feeling better! 😉😀

  • If its worked for you its a cure! May not be a general one, but I suppose everyone on here needs to take note of what works for them and if possible repeat the experience! :)

  • Yes, but you have to try remember what you did and WHY it worked and might think coz of wrong things and ascribe cause/effect wrong = we ALL do that and after ABI even HARDER to know ANYTHING at all!

  • Lovely to hear such positive comments and thinking from you. x

  • I always find the forum uplifting and helpful. Whinge, inform, have a chuckle. Nothing better to lift the mood I reckon. So come on in and enjoy. :-)

  • Thanks for all the good coments. I think I had forgotten that I had joined the forum until browsing my emails and wondered what all the emails were. Glad I checked as I have found it very helpful. Heres to more moaning and celebrating.

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