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Head Pain after Gamma Knife!

Why does my head hurt when I bend it down and turn it from side to side after my Gamma Knife Surgery. It's been 15 months.

It was not that way pre GK.

I have had scans done as well as an Angioplasty in Sept at the 1 year mark. No swelling. Just wish it was like it was before the GK. Never thought I would say that.

I have trying acupuncture it has helped very little.

Thank you!


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Are you sure it's the GK? I haven't had any problems I don't think (not rubbing it in)


Hello BSA, I saw your post of three years ago and am wondering if you are still on the site. Are you still free of symptoms after all this time. I'm asking because I need to have GK and am worried about the side affects.

Thanks Trish


Hi Trish!

Nope, no side-effects here! Has worked very well so far - there's still a bit left but I'm having another treatment in two weeks.

I highly approve of it and I worried too, but I'm so happy I had it :)

Hope that helps

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Hi Ben, Thanks for answering .... great you have had no side effects. The reason I was asking is that I was supposed to have GK for a very small cavernoma. I have no symptoms but I may have to take anti coagulants later on so they wanted to try and dry it up. The problem is I went for a second opinion and the second neurosurgeon said GK is only for extreme cases and in most cavernomas it doesn't work and there is a risk of creating another one which is induced by the radiotherapy of the GK. I am still hesitating because I'm sure other people who have cavernomas must be on anti coagulants without any adverse effects. My cav is in the cerebellum part of the brain and it is only 1 cm.


Ah well I had mine for my AVM so I'm not sure about the effects that it will have on a cavernoma...maybe get a third opinion?


Yes, I heard that for AVM's, GK works really well. I'm glad yours did. Thanks again, Trish.


Hi Ben. I just realized my response back is not on here. I must have not saved it. Sorry! So here it goes.

I took Topimax for my headaches which I hated so it's gone.

Now on Gabapentin 300mg. Two pills three times a day.

I have now taken that down and only take one in the AM and one in the PM. It does not get rid of the headaches but I am able to function better on it then the Topimax

I also take vitamin B complete and D3 and vitamin C and magnesium.

I tried Coq 10 but did not like the way it felt. So I no longer take that.

I have been trying acupuncture as well. It lessens the head pain it does not go away but it's more tolerable

In September 2014 I had my one year check up. I had 50% shrinkage which is just ok. Will have another check up September 2015 if it's not gone another check up in 2016 and at that point depending on what's left there are new decisions to make.

So that's the whole run down.

Thank you for your response Ben I really appreciate it!



Have they mention possibilty of migraine element to headaches?

I get massive headaches and kept getting told nothing to do with my diffuse tumour.

Eventually someone suggested a migrainous connection and I got put on a ant-migraine drug (3 - 4 a day touch) which helped a bit but wasn't to effective.

I then got it changed to a different one, one that I'd used years ago when I had severe regular migraine. It's called 'maxalt melt' and it is great.

When I collected them from pharmacy the pharmacist actually said that they are one of the most effective. However getting a script for them is a bind because they are a bit pricey. They only give me 3 a month but I can put an additional request in between times.


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