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Driving after head injury

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Last July I was involved in a serious car accident. I have no definite memory of the accident so am not put off driving at all. The police have put it down as no fault accident and said I may never remember what happened. I don't think I will remember. I had my car wrote off so have not had acar since so not driven since. was the one driving when the accident happened. Because of the accident my insurance will now be over £1000 so have been saving and informed DVLA still waiting to hear from them to check I can still drive.

Totally expecting to be able to as there is no reason I can't drive no seizures or blackouts. Would it be a good idea for me to have a lesson with an ADI to see how I do for first time I drive again before being on my own driving. I really do feel I could still drive but want to be sensible about it.

Because its nearly a year since the accident I'm waiting til the year over then it will be 1 less insurance to tell about the accident.

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if you are now disabled you should surrender your licence to the dvla and apply to be assessed to drive again in my case 6 lessons and an assessment not a test motorbility uk will supply a car a deposit is required but they insure and service windscreen and rac cover europe wide dvla will require a doctors note and a mountain of forms to be flled they also suggest a driving instructor local to you neil

The best judge (besides yourself) is your consultant. After my SAH the DVLA told me I could drive after permission from my consultant, which he gave me a month after discharge from hospital ( three months in total ).

However, if you feel you need reassurance, the lesson is a good idea..........I agree that the main issue is one of conscience.......i.e..do you feel competent to drive & are your reflexes in good working order.

My insurance company didn't hike up my premium. They agreed that they weren't in a position to overrule my consultant's opinion that I was fit to drive, and there had been no evidence to the contrary.

Good luck, keeley. xx :-)

I drove again about 14 months after my TBI. I had to complete medical forms with my GP and got assurance from my consultant that it was o.k to ask DVLA for my licence back. I took a lesson to help with confidence after so long off from driving and i'd recommend it. It was very reassuring to know that dual control was there if i panicked or found it too tiring behind the wheel. Good luck, for me it was just great to regain a bit of independence. Never been so happy to go tot he supermarket!

I'm thinking I might get one lesson just to see how I am even if its mainly to put my mum and nan more at ease as it was them who worried most about me driving. Both would be happy if I never drove again. I do feel I be fine but just to be on safe side.

I had an assessment from the Astley Ainsley people. After it was done ( for the third time) and i was allowed to drive again i was exstatic. I was asked by the insurance companies if i had an assessment, it did bring down the cost of insurance. I have written off three cars since then so my insurance hasnt come down massively!! Everytime it gets to be good for the no claims, i kill another car!

It gave me the condifence i needed to get back behind the wheel of a car and know that i was safe.

By the way, it wasnt bad driving that led to 3 assessments, it was my double vision and peripheral vision.

Good luck and happy driving!

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