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Things really need to start looking up!

I've had such a bad year.2 brain hemorrhages earlier in the year.My wife has been given redundancy notice for March. And to top it all my Dad passed away on Thurs after a long battle with cancer and I am dreading the funeral on Friday. It's the old thing of meeting relatives I haven't seen since my BI, I appear ok but you guys know how it is! Ah well, life goes on.

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Hi Trelfy

Sorry you and your wife are having such a hard time. Also sorry to hear of your sad loss. I understand your dread of facing people post BI. We will all be rooting for you, so maybe that will help you feel more supported on the day of the funeral. I have written down the day so I won't forget ;-) and I will be thinking of you. Take care


Sorry for your loss....on top of everything else it sounds like you have had quite a year.

Hope next year will be miles better for you and your family.


Yes Trelfy, we'll be thinking of you on Friday. It's hard coping with loss at the best of times but so challenging after a bi.

My brother became terminally ill after my sah and it was exhausting and heart-breaking. But my sister-in-law and I have supported each other since he died, and we are gradually emerging from the trauma two years on.

I hope that you and your wife will sustain each other through this troubling time and that there are happier times ahead for you both.

Best wishes, Cat x


Hi Trelfy, sorry to hear you lost your Dad and all the other hurdles you're facing. Take care.K


Hi Trelfy

sorry for your sad loss.You've got alot to get through and i feel for you. your inner strength and love for others will help.x



Hello Trelfy,

So sorry for your loss and the many other hurdles you have to cross. It's strange how all these trials always seem to come together no matter who you are.

Stay strong and grab what ever support is offerd with both hands and don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You will be pleasantly suprised at how many people are there to support and help both offered and if asked.

Thinking of you and your loved ones.

Stay strong.



Oh, awful: a terrible year for you. Yes, I know what you mean about meeting people not seen since ABI, I fear it too. But mostly they say (to be nice?!) that I don't appear that bad.

Which is good (I put on a good show for them, didn't cry, get angry maybe and understood what they said OK) but that's the problem: we do our best to try cover up (i did especially to my son) and then people don't know what we're struggling with and what an effort everything is.

Anyway, wishing you all the best - and hopefully nice food after!


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