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Are things looking up?

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Noticed a sign on an in store toilet today.

Not all disabilities are visible.

Accessible toilet.

Has anyone else seen anything similar?

Hope you are all having the best evening possible.

Love n hugs


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asda by any chance phantom?

Will pm the answer to you.

I'm curious to know what is out there and how people feel about it.

random i think its good that organisations are acknowledging disability isnt just physical, troops with ptsd has helped people to understand that .

I haven't seen any Random, though I haven't used public loos recently.

But that's a heck of a breakthrough ; really encouraging ! x

Hi Cat

I haven't used public loos for some time either so I was surprised. I had to walk up to it and read it to make sure.

Love n hugs


I've seen signs/posters though I can't remember where!

Plus TFL did that Please offer me a seat badge trial for invisible disablities.

Hi Randomphantons

Which public toliets did you see this sign?

This is the first I have heard of the 'Accessible toliet' sign.

Also I did not mind that you had contacted headway for me last week, it was very kind of you, thankyou. Will contact headway when I feel ready to, now I know how to, thanks to you.


Sent you a pm Andy.

They have had them on the trains for a long time where the disabled seats are that people are supposed to give up to anyone disabled.

Thats quite a bit of progress but must say I havent seen any my way at all yet.

All the goood ideas are the simple ones like that... saves a punch up outside the loo!

i was told about it by my sister in law phantom


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