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Looking for a reason to live

This maybe sound selfish and ungrateful but after almost dying in May 2013 I survived but at 53 I am unable to work anymore my illness was caused by my alcohol abuse although I have easily overcome that. I planned a holiday for September 2014 and spent most of a year looking forward to it. Come the day of the holiday myself and a friend missed the flight due to the incompetence of the Airport but managed to get a flight a week later also we lost a week's holiday. I enjoyed my holiday in Crete tremendously but since returning I have gone into a depression and carnt seem to get rid of it staying in bed days on end. I would love to visit schools or such like and warn the pupils of the immense dangers of alcohol I think this would be ideal in my situation and also maybe prevent people falling into the same trap I did. The problem is I don't know where to start, so if anybody could advise me I would be truly grateful

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Hi Jim, it doesn't sound selfish to me, we all need a reason to get up in the morning, and there's nothing worse than I'll health to put a dampner on the day.

Congratulations for coming this far, I don't have the answer to your question but you could look up what volunteering vacancies there are in your area, maybe approach your local police to see if they are aware of anything being run in your area, or suggest it if there is nothing, and put yourself forward.

It sounds a good way to give something back, good luck xxx


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Hi Jim

I totally understand, we all need a goal, a purpose or a role. I think your idea of alcohol awareness training is a great one. I agree with Janet on asking voluntary organisations, maybe Samaritans or AA might appreciate your wisdom?

Good luck :)

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I thought the same thing for a while. The best quote I can give you is "you might as well live". Makes me feel better.

At first I just tried to do one productive thing (first day for me was actually get dressed), and then I just progressed at my own pace.


It probably isn't a coincidence that you've taken a psychological dive since the holiday in Crete. It's common for people with fulfilling lives to feel the sense of anti-climax after an enjoyable holiday so, for someone in our position with limited access to pleasurable stuff, it can be devastating coming back to stark reality.

You say you looked forward to the holiday for most of the year so it's like you'd been hanging on to that event as a sort of life-saver. Then all too soon there's nothing to look forward to, and you might as well stay in bed.

Honestly Jimbo, I and countless others here will identify with that loss of purpose and the struggle to climb out of that pit and join the rest of the human race again.

It can be so, so hard to overcome but here you are looking for advice on how to find a worthwhile way of doing just that, whilst also helping others.

Others have made good suggestions of where to start and I would add a couple of other suggestions. You could try your local Education Dept. and Citizen's Advice.

The Probation Service, who have relied on volunteers for many years might welcome anyone providing a 'nip in the bud' approach for youngsters. I worked for them for a few years and it was the most satisfying period of my life. I worked with many alcoholics and drug users, but sadly was forced, through ill health to stop.

But there was always good liaison between them and the education services so it might be worth a try.

Cat x

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Thank you all for your advice that has made me feel better already


Hi jim well i am sorry about your holiday with delays at the airport, but at least you eventually got there and had agood time. Deppresion is'nt good once it gets holds or post traumatic stress, If you feel you can help someone by talking about the dangers of alcohol, There are groups maybe teenage groups would be better, as such places like the warren, and other youth hostels ect. With schools you have to get vetted and police checked ect, before you are allowed in a school and this takes time, and plus you have to pay for your own police check. Your best bet is youth hostels ect, or maybe start by volunteering. This would probably make you feel better by helping someone else and you may get a sense of achievement out of this,. Hope you feeling a bit better soon. i know how you feel xxxxxxxx


I know that feeling of falling into depression. When it happens, I have to try and keep my mind occupied and either write, watch tv or walk my dogs. Try and find something positive to focus on! Good luck


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