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Some change of luck at last for Jack and Sophie, after a very tough few months. I received a phone call today from a lady from Dream Flight, they have both been chosen to go to Florida in October with this charity. They were nominated by the team of professionals who looked after them when they were very poorly in hospital. What a chance of a life time, it sounds amazing, and so grateful for this generosity to allow this to happen.

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  • Wow, what a wonderful surprise. Something nice to look forward to. :-)


  • It will Jack and Sophie that are going, with a team of medics, jealous i will be left at home. Such a fantastic opportunity for them both.


  • Oh Julie what brilliant news. It's like a lovely shining light after a very dark tunnel ; such a welcome break from the world of brain injury. I'm so, so pleased for them. :-)

    Love & all best wishes, Cat xx

  • It things like this that keep you going and carry on fighting for them both, they deserve this Holiday so much, they don,t know they are going yet, a very nice surprise. Thanks for the lovely replies xxx

  • I am delighted - thanks for sharing such happy news. Shame you can't share it with them but I hope you can take a break at the same time to recharge yourself. You deserve some pampering Julie.

  • They come first, as long as they are having a good time i,m happy. It wont stop me worrying about them for 10 days, but know they are in safe hands, and they are together as brother and sister xxx

  • Congratulations on the trip. they will have a brilliant time! Like mums do you will be worried but they will be in the best hands, pity you cannot go. perhaps you can book a holiday for you whilst they away or some r and r time x

  • That's a lovely piece of news!!! Bet you're bubbling over to tell them?

    Delighted for all of you! What a lovely pressie :-)

    Hope someone takes loads of photos.

  • Congratulations! :)

  • That's fantastic, they'll have a great time.

    My granddaughter got a trip to Lapland just for a day with "wish upon a star" because of her condition, it was magical for her.

  • Hi there Kirk 5w7 long time since I've heard from you I hope your keeping well ! It been a long story for me but I enjoy the forum but don't always feel up to posting I've been posting lately and getting me advice of people as to how I was feeling at that time and also try to help others ! Glad to see you are still on here ! Take care david

  • Hi David I'm still around, like you I don't always feel like posting, but I look in and keep an eye on things every day, it feel so tired at present, plus been back to rehab unit doctor at their clinic,but they've discharged me now, so cut adrift at the mercy of the world at large, just a matter of managing my condition now, or so they said.

    Take care, Janet xxx

  • Thanks for all the positive comments. Jack and Sophie don't know yet, they will get an official invite through the post, so I will be biting my tongue a lot this week. Fantastic experience for them, stil can't believe it. Yes I will have to keep occupied when they go, work solidly might help xxx

  • It will be a break for you too.

    So enjoy yourself, do what you wanna do.

    Get some useful jobs done of just chill out :-)

  • Fantastic news. Have been praying for your situation. Know you will have a wonderful time. xxxxx

  • Absolutely brilliant I hope they enjoy it !

  • It will do them good to have an adventure together and have lots of happy memories of the trip. I hope you find some time to pamper yourself whilst they are away.

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