Good News!!

I have just heard from my neurosurgeon that from the MRI scan I had last week he can see that what he thought was a tumour, is not. Apparently I have a/some cavernomas which he says are not serious. He needs to see me within the next two weeks to go through the scan and to agree the new medication. I am, understandably, over the moon!!!

Thank you all you kind folks for your support and sympathy.

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  • That must be such a relief Dennis.

    Good news is always welcome.

    So happy for you.

    Love n hugs


  • Thank you for your comments. Yes I am very relieved and find it hard to believe. I have prayed quite a lot and firmly believe I have been helped in all this.

    I really hope that you all get similar news.

    Regards, love n hugs, whatever, thank you


  • Oh Dennis!

    I am relieved for you, you must have been through the mill emotionally. the not knowing really takes it out of you.

    Well i am so pleased for you, sorry that there is still a problem but it sounds as though it is more fixable.

    Glad that your prayers have been listened to and it's really lifted me up also.

    Tell us how things go on won't you/

    Lovely to have met you on here but so sorry about the circumstances.

    All good wishes

    Nan x

  • Dennis, that's put the biggest smile on my face, but I bet it's nothing compared to yours . What a brilliant , brilliant surprise for you (and your family).

    Time to celebrate I believe ! I'm so happy for you. Cat xx

  • Dear Cat and Nan,

    Thank you so much for your responses and your concern. Over the past weeks your words have inspired me and given me much comfort. I will never forget that and thank you sincerely.

    I will keep following all of you now and will let you know how things progress for me. I will continue to pray for all of us and do hope that you all get good news eventually. I feel I have made a lot of new friends even at 86!

    Thank you again.


  • Great news!

  • I can hear your relief Dennis in the words of your post! Great news and thankfully you weren't keep worrying for weeks and weeks about it being more serious. I need to look up Cavernomas as to the why and the what.

    Not relevant to you and your situation, and just a random comment in general, but I do know that if members of the public were selected and scanned there would be many that would have lesions etc that they didn't know they had or how they were caused and weren't in anyway of concern.

  • Strawberry Cream - how right you are. I had to have an CT scan and it showed that I had 'something' in my liver. I had to have an MRI scan, not nice, to check it and they said it was nothing, lots of people have these little 'things' in their liver. All that worry and cost for nothing. As you say, many people have odds and ends of problems that they never know about.

    Congratulations Dennis, now you can carry on without the worry.

  • YAY!

  • Fantastic to hear, Dennis. Congratulations. Your wife must be in her own special land of overjoy-ment, I don't know if that is a word, but it is certainly a state!

    Thanks for letting us know. All the best to you!

  • So happy for you, it must be such a huge relief.

  • Dennis. So very pleased for you and your wife. Best of luck for the future.

  • Thank you for all your kind wishes. There are so many of you that I cannot reply individually but I really do appreciate the fact that so many of you have been prepared take up your precious time to remember me. Thank you again.


  • Good evening Dennis,

    I am just home from my trip to Paris and thought I'd quickly pop on before I go to bed to see if you had heard anything. What fantastic news to come home to! I am so pleased for you and your family. I'm exhausted after being away but I'll sleep well thinking about your great news! Take care Dennis and once again, congratulations, that's the best news! I hope you made a point of celebrating one way or another! xx

  • Good evening Peaches,

    So kind of you to take the trouble to log in tonight, thank you for your kind words and I am so glad that your trip to Paris went well. I can understand you being exhausted. It's now nearly 11 oclock so I hope you are now asleep and dreaming of that Eiffel Tower and so forth. I do hope that all goes well for you from now on. Sweet dreams and thank you again for your kindness.

    All good wishes


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