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good news please

my son was rushed in with suspected brain bleed on monday night,hes had cts,lumbar puncture,and yesterday had angiogramme ,we are hoping for all final results today,my dghtr n family ave been great ,ive stayed with him,its been very tiring,so hope we can go home today,and im praying he will be ok,when things lije this happen it realy makes me realise how important my family are to me,and although i still goin through recovery myself,if my son gets through im determined to enjoy our lives as much as possible

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Hi Rocozoe. I'm so sorry to hear about your son's brain bleed. I have a medical condition called AVM and this can cause brain bleeds too. So the possibility is never far from my mind. I think you are right and that making the most of family and life in general is crucial. This is my philosophy also and I do think having a positive attitude to these things really helps. I wish you both all the very best for the future.


Oh Ricozoe I'm so sorry to hear this. He's just a lad isn't he ?

You've already had such a struggle, though I know you'll put your own issues aside for your son.

Please let us know what how he goes on, and the prognosis.

Love to you all, Cat xx


thankyou cat,hes had angiogramme on his brain,hes ok,hes got a small lump at bottom of brain stem,but hes not in danger,we are finally home,he has to go to neuro surgeons next week to see if theres anything they can do,hes ok hes been quite moody n snappy so nothings changed there,once againe our hope has got us through,i will keep updating on here,thanks fr your support,hope things arevok fr you at this time xx


Thanks for the update m'dear.

It's good that the medics know now what they're dealing with and that your lad will get the care he needs.

I hope there'll be a simple treatment plan after you see them again next week.

Be thinking of you, love Cat xx


Glad he's home, and he's not in danger.

Hope all goes well.


Hi Ricozoe, will be keeping you and your whole family in my thoughts and prayers. You will make it through, somehow. Take care to keep your strength up and rest wvhen you can.


thankyou x


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