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We were given a fabulous Christmas present this year! My son who suffered a TBI in 1996 announced we are going to be grandparents, we are so thrilled but also have our concerns as to how he will cope with the responsibility and workload that a baby creates! My daughter in law is a gift from God and she is truly amazing with our son and of course both families will be there to support them if and when they need it!

To think our son nearly lost his life and everything was all doom and gloom but here is now giving life !

Wonderful news!!!!

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  • wow what a wonderful story many many congratulations god bless you all n

  • congratulations

  • What great news watso, congratulations! I had one daughter before my TBI and one a couple of years after and it was difficult. Everyone and every TBI is different but if I can give some advice based on my experience it would be for your son to be regularly reminded that, no matter how tired his baby and wonky brain make him, he must must must remember how much he loves his wife and cherish her for the great soulmate she is. It is easy for all of us to focus every bit of effort on a new child whilst letting our other relationships slip somewhat (and us brainies have it doubly hard) so we must consciously choose to make the effort to be good to each other and maintain the relationships that we have been lucky enough to build.

    Again, great news and enjoy your grandchild.

  • Thank you so much for your reply and i will pass on your advice to him. Our daughter in law does sometimes say he can be selfish but we know it is as you phrase it his 'wonky brain', she sometimes finds it difficult to recognise what is brain injury related or what is just as she says perhaps 'being a man' there is still alot of learning for her to do and she does get exasperated at times which i did too when he was living at home with me!

    They are able to talk about alot of their problems or discuss issues with

    our son's Support Worker and Assistant Psychologist from Neuro Partners who are truly amazing and I know they will also be there for them when the baby arrives!

    Thank you again.

  • Lovely news. Congratulations to you all x

  • Congrats to you all...I am sure they will find ways to handle all that this new addition will bring....especially with the love and support of the extended family.

  • How lovely. Life will indeed go on!

  • Congrats Watso! Tell your daughter in law she can PM me any time and vent her spleen, my hubby got his wonky brain when our two lovely daughters were 2yrs 5 months and 10months old so I have learnt some coping mechanisms lol

  • Congrats!! I was 26 weeks pregnant when husband get his TBI. He struggled to cope with the sleepless nights, if my husband gets tired all his cognitive problems become more apparent. I used to do all night feeds in the end to take the pressure off as a grumpy husband with over exaggerated problems becuase of tiredness and a newborn made for some explosive rows till our consultant pointed out the sleep issue!

    We then had another baby a year later and I instantly did night feed , I found our parents were happy to step in and help and let my husband stay in his routine with sleep.

    (hope that makes sense!) xxxxx

  • Thank you all for your replies, it is so good to be able to share stories on this blog, i wish it had been around years ago! Good luck to you all!

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