Good news!

I had a brain tumour removed on March 31st 2010, I recovered quite quickly and felt ready for work by November 2011. It took me a year but I finally started work last November. I still have a few problems with my memory and my cognitive ability has decreased considerably but I am happy to be alive and feel very positive about the future.

I have had a lot of help and would like to thank everyone. My friends and family and all the health professionals.

I received great news last week, my latest MRI scan was unchanged with no sign of recurring meningioma and I wont need another MRI until March 2015.

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  • that is fantastic news indeed

  • wow what a grea start t a new year many many congratulations god bless neil

  • What a lovely blog! Thank you for sharing your excellent news and congratulations :)

  • Thats what we liked to hear. Another one of the Headway crew who has been given excellent news and has not let a little setback hold them back. The cognitive side of things should get back to normal within time, we hope.

    Good luck and stay in touch.

  • Thanks to all. I do hope my cognitive abilities improve. Right now I am struggling with simple sudoku but at least I can manage those.

  • Congratulations and well done! :-) What an inspirational blog

  • Congratulations ... I was diagnosed with my menegioma in 2009 and am still recovering. Unfortunately I am not back at work yet but your post really gives me hope, thank you.

  • You will get there! My diagnosis was late and I was surprised how quickly I recovered. It sounds corny but a positive mental attitude really does help.

  • well done ope it just keeps gtting bttr n bttr

  • hope you are still doing well mikes ghost - given your post was one year ago. It gives us all inspiration just to keep on going whatever our causes and symptoms! Shirley xxx

  • Thanks Shirley, everything continues to go well for me, I still have a poor short term memory and double vision but compared to most people here I am so very lucky! I'm still working and moving on with my life in a positive manner :-)

    Take care,

    Mike xxx

  • Congrats!!!!!

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