Some Good News

I have been using this site for just a couple of weeks and have found the support so helpful.

Just in case you don't know, my husband tried to take his life about 5 weeks ago by insulin overdose. This has left him with a hypoxic brain injury. He has made some progress but today he recognised someone in a photo and was able to tell me who it is.

This shows that in a short space of time, Paul has gone from being in a coma to having awareness and is a huge step for Paul.

I just wanted to share this great news to give others some hope. We, as a family have been quite pessimistic about Paul's potential for having a meaningful life as we were frightened of having any hopes.

We are constantly amazed by Paul's determination and his courage to keep going. So if you have a loved one who is struggling or their outcome is uncertain, please don't give up, there is always a glimmer of hope.

Stay Positive

Angie xxx

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  • Hi Angie.

    Great news and hopeful of more improvements to come. It may seem a slow road to recovery but it is a worthwhile one.

    Pax xx

  • Hi Angie

    Many thanks for t,he update.

    I'm glad to hear that the news is good and as Pax says there is plenty of hope for much more to come.



  • Thank you Random

    And I am staying more positive.

    Angie xxx

  • Angie that's terrific news and sounds as though it's so much faster than you might have hoped.

    In the hope of sending some positive support - if he'd been under a lot stress or on anti-depressants (they are not always the right ones, for the job they are supposed to do, especially if taken in conjunction with insulin! It could have played havoc with his liver or his brain, to the extent the overdose of insulin was NOT deliberate, but caused by lack of focus or confusion, which if depressed at the same time, could have created the conditions that caused the overdose.

    I know to my own cost, what happens when prescribed the wrong meds, both times ended up creating havoc with my brain, giving me an aneurysm/Haemorrhage and also the following year cirrhosis, with the expected causes of both being eventually ruled out, by virtue of follow up scans and blood tests!

    I'm not medically qualified at all, it's where many months of results, checking and researching for contra-indications, etc between all meds and conditions that led me to where I'm at now and still checking out some things - but having stopped all my meds except for my Levothyroxin which I've been on for almost 16 years, I'm so much better. The confusion has gone, brain fog gone. I'm in a much happier place than I was 6 months ago.

    Unfortunately your husband is probable likely to come out of hospital with a few more meds prescribed to him. Check out absolutely everything he is on via website. Both singly and/or in conjunction with others.

    I was prescribed metformin because my doc said I was Borderline Type 2 diabetic. It didn't go well with my Levothyroxin, I ended up with a swollen spleen, then a 'blood disorder' resulting even now 3+ yrs on. With continually dropping platelet numbers.

    Ask, on his behalf, for copies of all your husbands blood test results before and since admission to hospital! there is also a website called Labtestonline where you can check out test results to see what it says about them.

    Most blood tests have a figure that will be the 'result' with in brackets close by (maximum-minimum) norms. If there is a problem against any specific result, there should be some sort of indicating marker put there by the laboratory, to draw the 'doctors attention to it. My doctor continually ignored my dropping platelets saying it's Ok! Yesterday he said well when they get to 20 000, something will be done! The norms are (250-400 000).

    I'm supposed to sit back and wait to die am I is what Id asked him, to get above reply.they are currently at 50 000 - when 1 year ago they were 86 000! I don't even know when they started dropping to begin with!

    So that's the reason I suggest you ask questions rather than assume or imagine he tried to commit suicide through stress or another know factor. My apologies if I'm wrong saying that to you, but I hope his recovery continues well for all your sakes.

    Shirley x x x.

  • Thank you Shirley

    It was Paul's fourth suicide attempt in 18 months and he has previously been sectioned for a few weeks. Paul was very depressed and this is common in people with Type 1 Diabetes.

    I had talked to Paul at great length about his feelings and wanting to end his life and he said that he felt worthless and had lots of guilt at the things he had done wrong in his life. Paul is a wonderful dad and granddad and puts his family before everything else, he is also a great husband. It is such a shame that he did not receive the help from mental health services that we requested (several times and quite loudly).

    I know what you mean about questioning staff about Paul's care as while in hospital, he was given his insulin but no food, and I had to remind the staff that he needs to eat very soon after having his meds. This is now done but I feel the need to check all the time (I have OCD).

    Sorry to go on a bit but it's good to get stuff off my chest. Thank you for listening.

    Angie xxx

  • Good morning Angie, yes having to double checks or yourself is not easy for you either. Bear in mind what I said about all the meds he's been given and do your own checking as well!

    Nurses while invaluable and dedicated, do as they are told,many doctors do what they think is best. I'm not saying doctors are wrong, just that they are only as good as the information they know, are told, or research, when or if inclined to do so!

    A valuable lesson I learnt when one of my sons was at primary school, was told to me by his headteacher, and was.............. one would watch out or fight for him as hard as me!

    I've never forgotten that, which is why I apply to and for myself now in my circumstances.

    I think and say the same applies in yours and Pauls situation now. To the medics, Paul is one of Many needing medical help......

    .... To and for you he is the ONLY one!

    Information is knowledge, knowledge is power! Also keep telling Paul his is NOT worthless. Just as his body needs fortifying and stimulating, so does his brain and mind, with words of love, strength and support. I have a great belief and faith in the power of God and love.

    That faith has inspired and helped me more over last six+ months, than before. I like to think I have my own guardian Angel, you and your family, are Paul's.

    None of us has the power to change whatever happened in the past - but we can change the future!

    Guilt and remorse often go go hand in hand. Paul has already started changing his future by talking to you.

    I do sincerely wish you all well, for the best outcome.

    Shirley xx

  • Wonderful news Angie ; I'm so pleased for you. And your post will give such great hope for others in your situation whose loved ones have not yet shown signs of response.

    I'm so sorry to hear about all your woes m'dear and hope sincerely that there will be better (much better) times to come for you and your husband.

    Cat xx

  • Stay positive. You seem to have a healthy handle on it. Blessings and best wishes to you, your husband and all your loved ones.

  • Great news- sending you and your family lots of positive vibes. Don't forget to take care of yourself Annie X X

  • Angie so pleased to hear that things are looking so much more positive for you now. May the good news keep on coming!

  • good news angie....and dont forget .......youve got an extended family on here

  • Malalatete has covered it well. I was left in a financial mess after an acrimonious divorce and with two young children. I paid only the interest on the mortgage and reached agreements with service providers on what I could afford to pay.

    It's hard to see the wood for the trees when we're having to deal with more than one catastrophe, but you seem pretty organised (though it won't feel that way) and I'm sure you'll make your way through this.

    Have you discussed benefits that your husband might be eligible for ?

    Here's another big hug Angie, winging its way through the ether. :-/

    Cat xx

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