Controled mt temper

I took my son 10and daughter 7 the park on bike ride we found muddy trails to go down but my daughter ho is still nervous went in front and kept stopping on every little hill and just past every puddle so me and my son had to stop hard and lose balance and fall off in every puddle then she went behind and kept getting stuck well last time we went down a steep hill and she stopped again making me fall off i was going to lose it then said we sgould have a break which we did they had a snack and we raved leafs down a stream and i was much calmer when we carried on( i did swear alot before the break though) i dont know if its an achievment but feeling pretty chuffed now:-)

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  • Of course it is, you had a fantastic time didn't you? Children can be very challenging at the best of times, we'll done you xxxxx

  • Well done Richey - that's a great achievement - time out for you all, snacks for them and floating leaves - great strategy for you all sounds fun. Celebrate this victory - you've done so well.

  • Thankd everyone my kids had to drag me out the house but i did find the less we stuck to the proper paths the less people we saw so that was even better


  • Nice work Richey. Keeping your temper and managing to turn the situation around to such a calm and peaceful activity requires great presence of mind and discipline. If you keep practising this approach I imagine it'll become easier & easier to fall in to until, hopefully, it could eventually become your default position. :-/

    And isn't it gratifying knowing you can still create these types of feel-good episodes with your children, and how secure that will make them feel.

    Well done for not 'losing it' & hope there are more good days to come.

    Cat x

  • Well done! I had a big temper problem for the first few years but I too have learned to control it...most of the time.

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