I NEED a moan and I'm sorry guys but it has to you to moan to. Ok Iv been quite a bit of pain that started a couple of months ago but the doctor has given me a cocktail of pain killers so things were returning to normal ish. You will know what I mean , the sole destroying agony you get. Not been able to open your mouth without being very ratty or bursting into tears. It's taken me back to the feeling I ha a lot of why did you keep me alive for this.

Right RANT over ish. Maybe I should go back to the beginning.

I was at the doctors on friday when some stupid , really stupid ladie decided she got stress with the guy next to her and ploughed into my car taking the whole front off. Thing is I could see what was going to happen. I was stationary in my car and really just couldn't believe it. I kept saying what tou doing and then a bit of swearing and then it happened. My foot lifted off the brink and next thing I realised was I was rolling backwards into a row of parked cars so had to slake my brakes on. That my ptsd set off. Her car came at me from how I remember it the first time. So I was in hospital on Friday then Saturday, the walk in centre and then the doctors for the last 3 days and again tomorrow. Not only is my car gone but so is the full tank of petrol to get half way down country on Christmas Day. My Christmas is totally destroyed. I live on my own now 200 miles from my family.

I AM SO CROSS, VERY VERY CROSS. . I had just an hour before put tinsel all over the inside of my car and filled it with Christmas pressies to drop off at uni for the sprog. Now she's got none and they in bags and staying in bags cause I can't look at them. I'm an a very Christmassy person and she has wiped every sing bit of Christmas spirit out of me

I'm very depressed, very angry and very stressed. Granted my body was already broken but it hasn't been this bad for a long long time

Help me guys please, help me out of this rut xx

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  • Sorry things are tough for you right now Candace. Put on some music that you love and take a deep breath. Try and get a good sleep if you can. Hugs to you

  • Thank you. I have never listened to music since my first crash, well occasionally in my car but otherwise I don't. Been too depressed to watch telly to , not good x

  • Honestly Just think about how good it'd feel to do the same to them that's what helps me feel better when someone ruins my life idk if this'll help but just remember that you can always face time, call or Skype your family they'll happy to hear from you although you couldn't make it

  • I may get down now. Got an amazing cursasy car , bigger and higher and probably safer than everyone else. I have a lot of pain sometimes and I get grumpy. I will be going down but I in agony so the drive will be really hard. I can't take the painkillers before driving . 😀😀😀😀😀😱😱😱😱

  • Oh Candace, what a horrid thing to happen. Did you get the woman's details? If so, contact your insurance company and get a hire car organised, the cost can be claimed from her insurance company. Get this done NOW and get yourself into that hire car and do everything you had planned to do. Don't let this awful person ruin your special time.

    Please do it, Christmas is special and if you get to your family it will give you something good to get you through the next few months.

    All the very best wishes coming your way.


  • I'm already suing her. She admitted liability. I can't let it go cause the serious pain. Xx

  • Not a good situation for Christmas but hopefully this morning your fury will settle a bit and you will be able to think about if there are ways to manage things and get some enjoyment back. Surely her insurance should give you a replacement car?

  • Oh Candace thats so awful for you. i am really sorry to read what has happened.

    I hope the courtesy car is a good help. really horrible for you that its triggered the ptsd also.

    I hope that you manage to see your family . big safe hug from me if thats ok.

    TN x

  • Thank you xx

  • Great that you have the courtesy car Candace but sorry to hear about your own !

    Years ago I backed into a space in a car park and a man in a Peugeot suddenly drove deliberately into the front of me, backed up and repeatedly drove at me full force three times. I was so shocked I didn't even get his

    He drove away like a bat out of hell ; I can only assume he wanted that particular space. :o Cost me a bomb for repairs !

    Try not to dwell on the incident too much ; it's impossible to work out why people do what they do except that some are just very, very stupid and inconsiderate, and now and again we're unlucky enough to come face to face with them.

    Hope you have a good Christmas after all m'dear. Take care. Cat xx

  • I was in such spoke I gave a jolly good screaming. Thought don't swear over and over but made her sob really bad , I was swearing at her in my head then. Shit hit me, ripped the total front of my car up, and yet hers had a little numb on some front side. That was making me even MORE angry. Scared I was going to ram her head very hard Ito her steering wheel and bust all her face up so she knew the pain she had caused me and how she had ruined my Christmas. Still I pulled myself together and didn't 😀😀😀😀

  • Well done girl for keeping it together ! Hope you're a bit calmer now and keeping the pain under control.

    Good luck with the visit to your daughter.

    Love & best wishes, Cat xx

  • I need good luck with that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  • Hi Canndice, jules here.

    Tried to read your post but its not all sinking in, but know you have had a horrid time and just wanted to say (along with everyone else here) 'thinking of you and sending pockets full of good luck charms to protect you '.

    Love jules

  • Thank you jules, hi ya nice to see you back at mo xxx

  • Please come back soon as you can Jules !

    All best wishes for Christmas & New Year, xx


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