Has anyone know of anyone or been told that they have staring spells?

my partner was telling me what she noticed how i behaved, so i did some looking around and when i put the text below she said that was me!

A less dramatic form of epilepsy also involves loss of consciousness, but without a fall to the ground or

convulsive movements. These attacks are aptly called "staring spells" because the patients stop what they're

doing, lose eye-contact with other people, and appear to stare into space. If spoken to during attacks, the

patients do not respond.''

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  • Yes I have these issues from discussion s in this forum it is quite common

  • did you have an EEG?

  • Yes, me too. Same thing, infrequently

  • also loss of self control, i.e getting angry for no real reason?

  • the normal term is Absences in some people it can be very obvious in others it can be just be a moment ie unless someone knew what they where looking at, wouldn't notice.

    I work in care with folks with learning disabilities and Epilepsy is common.


  • CHeers though has to be said it's a fun job today is the hydro pool!

  • Dear Red_spinel,

    Undiagnosed epilepsy can pose a risk to your safety if you were to have a seizure whilst doing an everyday task, such as taking a bath. It can be difficult to distinguish between "day dreaming" and absence seizures,

    for this reason I would suggest discussing this with your GP.

    Best Wishes

    Headway UK

  • My stroke gave me epilepsy, and I guess my Auras before a full on seizure can relate to an Absence.

    I used to space out for a while before a seizure; I remember playing a video game (Mario Kart), and my friends were saying something to me, I just didn't really know what it was. I wasn't pressing any buttons, and I knew that, but for some reason it didn't seem weird.

    If you think losing in Mario Kart sucks, think about if that had happened whilst I was crossing a road. Please please please talk to a doctor about it.

  • I have had this for over 7 years now nearly got me into trouble as someone thought I was staring at them

  • did you have an EEG?

  • I had a brain scan twice the consultant just said I had permanent brain damage which could not be operated on that was it.

  • Yep! I had those for about two years after my tumour was removed but they gradually stopped.

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