Dont you love kids !!!!!

Been to Glorious Lincoln today to see youngest daughter.

Lets have a walk she says.....and what a walk.......up the big bloody hill arrrghhh.

Had to stop a few times....ok a lot of times. Even tried examining the shops on the way up to hide having to stop. Nearly got away with it until I noticed others around me gazing into a shop with me......that was closed and empty. Cover blown.

Well finally got to top then realised her plan. " lets find somewhere for a rest "

I now know this is student talk for " feed me".

Once fed and watered off we went again . Only this time via Pottersgate ( I think its called this, Baron C may ellaborate)

Oh what bliss...we meandered down the hill steadyly and with ease. Why hadnt we gone this way......I wouldnt have needed to rest....yep penny dropped and one full daughter later we headed back to her house.

Dont you love kids!!!


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  • And you did't tell me you were coming! :)

    Pottergate is indeed uphill near the cathedral and a lovely walk it is. Glad you had such a nice time. At one point I was about 300 yards away from you :)

  • Sorry Baron decided at last minute to go. Love Lincoln, always have ( apart from the that hill).

    Funny how we always end up going for a meal well as taking a months worth of supplies with us.

    Will try and let you know of next visit.


  • Oh yes - I recognise this feeling very well and kind of feel the same about visiting my son in Durham..... since I live on the edge of the Fens any incline feels like a giant hill !!

    Yet he took to it so easily and now in year 4 and 6'5" I no longer try to keep up with him and we are back to the " wait for me at the end of the road" as we used to do when he was about 5 :-)

  • Not been to Durham for a few years. Lovely city. I should have no real excuse about hills as I live at the top of a big hill.

    Then again dont usually walk up it....great invention cars.

    My kids think its great pay back as when they were younger they always kept asking me to slow times change.

    My daughter is in her 3rd year so you would tjink I would be used to her student ways by now.


  • yes i love my daughter! glad you had a nice time

  • Hi Pax

    Love your bright side....yet I find myself wondering whether those of us with processing difficulties can be classed as "vulnerable"?.

    It's OK in trusting relationships but sometimes it can take so long to realise that I am being led/manipulated in social settings it makes me wonder.

    Pre bi I was very much more aware of all the nuances socially but these days I know I'm missing a lot.

    Just thinking out loud.

    Glad the penny dropped and you enjoyed the company of your daughter.



  • Hi random.

    My daughter knows to well my problems. Of me taking people very very literally.

    But in her words she also treats me like a normal dad as much as she can. Always checking my reactions to make sure I am aware of her humour.

    Its nice to have a normal relationship now and again. My daughter only really knows me post bi so I am so glad sbe feels she hasnt missed out to much on our relationship.

    Although she is very protective of me with others I enjoy the realaxed way we are together. I just hope she hasnt missed out on having a normsl father figure.


  • I have no doubt your daughter has gained more than most from having you as a dad.

    Your humour and willingness to take on a b****Y big hill make it a lot better for her than many so called "normal" parent and child relationships.



  • Hi Pax glad you had a good day. I too was probably only 300 yards away!

  • Good to see you again Mal. How are things with you?



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