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Blood tests


Hi. Does anyone know if we are meant to have yearly blood tests to check for deficiencies?

I got a call from my doctors saying that the dietician wanted to do some blood tests. When I had my bloods taken last week all that was being checked was my calcium levels.

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I have blood tests every three months to check my calcium,d3 levels


They are really good at my local clinic.....we have got my calcium to a normal level, but the d3 is still low round the 47 mark. And he wants it up to 70. I'm due next Friday for my next lot. Plus he will do all the others as well, iron,b12, chrolesterol, half a arm full of



Every 3 months for me. Good doctor now.

Hello, I get blood tests done every year, and yeah they should be looking for deficiencies, iron, calcium, vit b etc. if theyre not make sure to point it out. It took the, 3 years to realise I was b12 deficient.

Hope that helps

evrey 12 months but i have had a letter from doc for a full mot to test evrey thing i have to have calcuim tabs and b12injections evrey 3months good luck

Every year, but i have to beg to get anything other than iron and b12 done. Told me my cholesterol was up, it has been the same for ten years, they have just noticed! They wont do vit d said its not possible to do a calcium test, i have osteoporosis, dexa way overdue.

Postcode lottery!


That's awful that they won't do your calcium levels, needed d3and magnesium to help with the calcium levels.....the absorption....... I would be thinking about changing my doctor if I was you.......


Thank you very much everyone.

I've been gluten free for 3 years now but only been a confirmed coeliac for nearly a year. When I chose not to do the gluten challenge back in 2010 the consultant said "well it's up to you but you won't get any help."

Last year I ended up going back to gastro after suffering bad indigestion for over a year. They insisted that seeing how I'd got to have the camera down that I should do a 2 week gluten challenge. I never thought I'd get a positive result as blood screening was always negative for gluten antibodies..... but I did.

I got sent to see a dietician who put me on calcium tablets and a dexa scan was mentioned along with flu jab and blood test to check levels but I've not heard anything other than the phone call to have calcium levels checked. Now I'm confused.

I am lactose intolent since the challenge and I'm also veggie due to meat triggering indigestion. Before I became ill I weighed 57-58 kg. I went down to 45kg and I'm now 52kg and still trying to gain a few pounds. :) my bmi is now 19 so I'm getting there.

after reading this post and the answers I am going to be changing my doctor.

4 years ago I got my diagnosis and told not to eat gluten and i am wheat intolerant as well,

thats it, nothing since except one loaf of GF bread on prescription per month.

I have cramps most days I am sure I am intoloerant to a lot of foods, as no matter what I eat I have pain, especially at night.

Thank you for your post

I was only diagnosed last October but have already been to have follow up blood tests to check vitamin and mineral levels, and have also been referred for a bone density scan.

Think I must be very lucky to have stumbled upon a good GP, and would definitely urge anyone feeling neglected or dissatisfied to consider changing doctor.

Hi coeliacvegan.

Did you GP arrange all this? I've not seen my GP since June when I need meds to help me through the gluten challenge.

Yes, was all done through GP. My situtation may not be typical though, as my diagnosis was only by blood test (I couldn't bear to continue eating gluten long enough to have a biopsy!), so all my dealings have been with my GP.

haven't had blood test for about 6 yrs


Went for my blood tests today and they are doing a full range of it's a cant eat anything on the morning of blood tests... And I'm going back to see the prof to have a follow up scope to see how the gut is healing.....I'm very lucky living where I do, cos they really do look after you.


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