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Blood Test for coeliac

What blood Tests should I ask for to test for coeliac?

I was diagnosed about twenty years ago, but have not been on a GF diet for at least ten years and the annual blood test has always shown that I was OK. Now I have had symptoms again and been told by the doctor to go back on a strict GF diet. I know that the blood test included Ferratin and Haemoglobin. Is there anything else?

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Hi Trenny,

The main blood test for coeliac disease (in the UK), is a test called the Tissue Transglutaminase antibody test (tTG2 test). My understanding is that to have a 'normal' test result, you usually have to score between 0-10 (and the lower the better!). Ranges may vary slightly between the different UK labs - so do bear this in mind if you're trying to understand any results you're given.

If you were diagnosed as a coeliac 20 years ago, then there is a strong possibility that you've already been having the tTG test for a while now in your annual checkups. All you would need to do to find out, is ask your doctor which tests they did.

Btw, do remember to check if you're eligible for gluten-free foods on prescription (if you haven't already!).

You may also find that once you are stable again on a strict gluten free diet; that your need to take lansoprazole for acid reflux could decline significantly.

There is also much anecdotal evidence that a gluten free diet is beneficial for those who have Parkinson's Disease; although as yet, this link remains unproven by the scientific community.

However here in the UK, we are very lucky to have a world-leading expert in gluten sensitivity and it's neurological impact on the brain. Marios Hadjivassiliou is a consultant neurologist; and my understanding is that he can be found working in the Sheffield hospitals. He is also a co-founder of SIGReD (which is easily googled if you want more info!). He is definitely worth knowing about if you're a person who doesn't have any of the classical gut related type of coeliac symptoms.

I hope this helps.


Many thanks, Regalbirdy. I have now found the blood test form for next year's blood test and you are quite right - He has put 'TTG (coeliac screen)'. I am wondering if this year's results from my April blood-test didn't reach him as he just said 'carry on as usual', inspite of my comments about upset tummy. Stupidly I didn't think about the coeliac disease causing problems - hiding my head in the sand! I've organised a blood test for next week.


The blood test is more for confirmation. In the mean time I have gone onto a strict GF diet.


Hi Trenny,

Do you mind me asking what you are looking to have confirmation of by having the new blood test?

Are you wanting to know how high your gluten antibodies currently are? Or are you hoping to have Coeliac disease re-confirmed as a diagnosis?

I'm asking because what you eat in the days leading up to a blood test, will have quite an impact on the result of the test.

(Normally it is recommended that people eat a gluten diet when waiting for a TTG blood test; HOWEVER, I wouldn't advise you to eat any gluten containing foods - because you already know that you have been diagnosed with Coeliac Disease).

I would also suggest that next time you have any TTG test results; that you have a go at trying to get the exact numbers of the test if you can - rather than a vague 'don't worry its okay' type of answer. The actual number is often more useful when trying to make decisions about future health needs.

It may also be worth talking to your surgery to find out more about past tTG test results, so that you have a means of comparison.

I hope that your tum starts to settle down soon.

Good luck!

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Yes, I was looking to have coeliac disease confirmed as a diagnosis.- for interest really. Since writing the other day I have received my coeliac society members pack and see that it says that gluten should be eaten in at least one meal a day before and throughout the testing process, otherwise you might get a false negative result. I may ask for a test, 'just to see'.

I have found my blood results in May this year: Anti-tissue transglutamase lev (SDP) 0.3u/ml) was the ony relevant one, I think - marked as 'normal'.


If you are on a strict GF Diet, your blood test will show a false negative. So, if you are looking for a proper diagnosis, then I would do it in the reverse order. (Confirmed diagnosis of celiac through biopsy when I was 17)



I have now been reading the Coeliac Soc. 'Guide' in the welcome pack which gives a list of the blood tests recommended to be taken annually, ie

Full Blood count




Vitamin B12

Others which 'may be carried out' are:

Coeliac Disease antibodies - endomysial (EMA) or tissue transglutaminase (tTg)

Thyroid Function tests

Liver Function tests

Many thanks, Regalbirdy.

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Just through reading your post has helped me as I have just been informed that I am TTG and EMA positive,saved me a lot of searching ,thank you.🙂


Don't bother with the test. Just eliminate gluten and then re-introduce it after about 2 weeks and see how you respond. Today's wheat has been genetically modified in 1979 and contains 90% more gluten than the wheat we ate before then. The body cannot process it. Auto-immune symptoms. Good luck!

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