Other tests for gluten intolerance/coeliac disease

I have been for 2 blood tests as I suspect I am gluten intolerant - everytime I eat anything with gluten in i get severe stomach cramps, diarrhoea,headaches and I generally feel ill for a few hours afterwards.- However they cant seem to get any blood from me ! my veins are so small .Ive been online and Ive seen the self tests , but im wary of using them as they have mixed reviews. Ive seen hair strand tests but I dye my hair so I can't do that, and the york test costs so much money... Can anyone help ?

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  • Hi, they recently had this problem with my daughter when she was being tested for Coeliacs, they tried so many times and nothing was coming out, in the end they got it from her wrist, and my sister has the same problem they have to take it from her groin, also its very important that you drink plenty before a blood test (as long as its not a fasting one) as if you become dehydrated this will affect the blood. I personally wouldnt bother with the online tests, id give it another go, maybe do they have a specialist blood centre near you where they are more used to awkward veins!, good luck let us know how you get on


  • thank you it makes me feel better that other people have the same problem. I read that you have to continue eating gluten to get an accurate result. I've not had gluten in about a week now and I feel so much better Im not sure if I want make myself feel ill just for a test blood test that might not even work !

  • hmm yes that is always a tricky one, if you feel better then you know that gluten is a problem for you, however if you want a definative answer then i would eat gluten again and have the test because the longer you leave it out of your diet, the worse the symptoms are when you do have it?? only you can decide whats best for you.

  • If you are gluten intolerant (which can be appalling, not a minor issue) rather than have coeliac disease the blood tests will come back negative as well, even if you have eaten lots of gluten. Ask for an experienced blood taker to try to take your blood, as the skill and expereince level of the staff makes a difference as well. Don't spend your money on the York test or other self tests.

  • So do I need to be tested specifically for gluten intolerance and coeliac disease separately ?And will it make a difference if I eat gluten before hand? (i would rather not...)

  • There's no test for gluten intolerance- it's a clinical diagnosis. You can only look at antibodies for coeliac disease. And to reiterate LoisParker's advice- the self-tests etc. are complete and utter rubbish. Go and have your blood taken in a phlebotomy department in a hospital (rather than at the GP, if this is where you were having it done). You can make them more likely to get blood by wearing a nice big woolly jumper and keeping your hands warm, drinking lots of fluids as well as by keeping your hands down by your sides just before you have it taken.

  • I don't want to sound stupid but how do I go about getting it done at the Hospital? I'm not very confident with blood tests ect which I don't think helps the situation. I think I'll just have to bite the bullet and another one done . Thanks for all your help

  • Go to your GP and tell them what has happened in the past with regards to having your blood taken (I assume it was your GP who ordered the blood test?). Ask them to print off a form which you can take with you to the hospital rather than have it done at the surgery. There will be a drop-in phlebotomy service at the hospital where you queue to have it done. Give them the form and they'll take your blood. They do it day-in-day-out so it should be quick and painless, regardless of how rubbish your veins are.

  • Oki dokes, I will do , thank you :)

  • If the GP has asked for a blood test then the nurse (or whoever) not being able to get blood is no excuse. there is no such thing as someone who has veins so bad that you can't get blood out of them. Just people who don't know what they're doing or can't do it very well. (I'm a nurse, I'm REALLY bad at taking blood, if I see veins which I know will be a problem I pass the patient to a colleague, my skills lie elsewhere) As has been said, get back to the GP and ask for a referral to get the blood taken at your local hospital.

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