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Pain 4 days after endoscopy, is this normal?

My 15yo son had his endoscopy on Friday to confirm coeliac. We are pretty sure he has it, bloods and camera suggest it and younger brother already diagnosed. He was in a bit of discomfort over the weekend but last night tummy pains got worse (he describes it like someone poking him with a spoon from the inside). Haven't been able to get hold of the gastro team despite leaving several messages with secretary. Took him to GP who checked him out- no vomitting, no fever, no bloody stools, normal BP and tummy not overly tender. GP said his tummy is just healing, nothing to worry about. Unfortunately I have a history of being given bad/wrong advice from my surgery when it comes to my children's coeliac (eg week before blood tests was told to put him on gluten free diet to ease his coeliac symptoms- I ignored this)

Do just wondering if anyone else felt like this after endoscopy, and if so how long it lasted.


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Hi MrsJourns. You seem to have followed the right course of action and your GP could well be correct in his view. As you say, none of the warning signs they advise about when you leave after having an endoscopy seem to be in place. However your concern is understandable.

You say you haven't managed to get hold of the Gastro team at the hospital. Is there an Endoscopy Dept phone you can call instead of trying to go via their office/sec? Failing that,do you know what Consultant your son is under? If so then you could give his secretary a ring and explain your concerns. She should be able to reassure you or get one of the doc's to give you a ring. We've always been successful in the past when using this route.

It could be that the sites of the biopsies are a little sore and causing discomfort; also it can take a bit of a time to rid the gas that's used to inflate the route for the endoscope which again can be quite uncomfortable. If you're not happy then persevere. Most Endoscopy depts are happy to take query calls after the event.


I suffer badly from them. I have hyperplastic polyposis syndrome where I grow lots of polyps in my bowel so have to have them all removed yearly. My first 2 took about 3 weeks for the pain to stop and my recent one took about 8 weeks to stop being painful. I was butchered as I was screaming out while it was happening until they knocked me out. It is normal to react badly to it, I've been told that basically people carry them out that don't do them all the time or know what they're doing. I'm now under St marks in london and they've promised me I won't react so badly with them. They are the world centre of excellence for bowel cancers. If you read the information we're all supposed to be fine after a few hours. I look pregnant for weeks afterwards, I do have about 20-30 polyps removed, but it's only recently that I was told some people react badly, I think to bad treatment. It does get better, painkillers and time is needed.

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You are absolutely doing the right thing to chase this up, Chances are he is just healing, the area will be a bit bruised and perhaps will be a little swollen for a time and, as Irene says, the gas can cause some discomfort for a while but 4 days does seem quite a while..


Hya, after I had my biopsy and I had an upper and lower camera procedure, I kept getting pain for a few days that felt like I was being pinched from the inside and it was a weird sensation and a bit disconcerting but stopped within a week.

I'd keep an eye on it and if it gets worse or he develops a fever then seek immediate medical attention. And for peace of mind it wouldn't hurt to contact the consultant.

And I hope that he feels better soon.


There should be a telephone number on the discharge notes you were given that tell you who to get in touch with in case of problems when you get home. I would call that ASAP. If not call the endoscope unit and ask to speak to somebody and failing that call the Hospital and ask for the bleep number of the consultant who did the procedure!

Good Luck and I hope he feels better soon.


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