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undiagnosed but severe symptoms? is it coeliac or sensitivity


I am undiagnosed as coeliac but my GP had told me to avoid wheat and gluten due to the severity of my symptoms, I tried just cutting out wheat and this didn't improve the symptoms as much as I would like, cutting all gluten makes my symptoms a lot better although I think it is going to take time to recover, I get severe cramps and bloating nausea sickness headaches etc when I eat anything containing even small amounts of gluten. I had a colonoscopy which was clear but they didn't take biopsies and my blood test was clear, does this mean it is definitely not coeliac just a sensitivity? I was told that they needed to do an endoscopy and biopsy to be sure but I freaked at the colonoscopy an there is no way I could cope with an endoscopy so just carry on without gluten in my diet but it means I cannot get anything on prescription. my friend who is coeliac is convince this is what I have the only difference between is is I get severe constipation more often than diarrhoea

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Hi Carrie, It appears that there are more and more people that are developing gluten sensitivity, gluten intolerance, gluten allergy and coeliac disease. To be honest the symptoms of all of these are very widespread. No two people may have exactly the same symptoms but the solution is always to avoid all forms of gluten which is a very steep learning curve as it appears to lurk everywhere.

It is quite common for people to develop severe constipation, bloating, stomach cramps, sickness, headache, migraine, exhaustion, to name but a few. Sometimes, the symptoms over time will change and often even the smallest amount of gluten will bring on an attack.

It may take several years for everything to fully heal but if the problem is caused by gluten and a person avoids grains - this will involve both reading labels and using discretion to avoid foodstuffs with derivatives such as dextrose, then it often takes quite a short space of time for a difference in health to be noticed.

You sound as though you have had a bit of a rough time of it.

Thanks so ,much Lynxcat, Yes I have been very unwell, I am also diagnosed with Fibromyalgia and ME, so the exhaustion and pain is all too familiar, I am just finding everything a little confusing at the moment as to what I can and cant eat, I paid to join coeliac UK to be able to access the gluten free foods database and it tells me I can have things that I really thought I couldn't such as supermarket own brand cereals, they contain barley malt extract which I had thought was out of the question but they say we can have it so am trying it, I am still having quite a bit of pain, but not as severe as it was before I cut the gluten, I just feel I am maybe getting gluten in my diet that I am not expecting to be there. It seems such a challenge finding what is in everything and have made many mistakes so far in what I have bought from not checking out the ingredients thoroughly. It is only when I am doubled up in pain a couple of hours alter that we go searching what I have eaten and find that I have eaten something containing gluten.

I really do wonder if I will ever get a decent grasp of what I can and cant eat as I seem to be making so many mistakes and then I see the coeliac UK information that seems to confuse matters even more by allowing things i thought were not allowed on a gluten free diet.

maidforit in reply to carrie78

Hi Carrie, alas, it does take a bit of time to get the hang of everything BUT - You will get the hang of it. I would think that most people on here have been through the same range of emotions and will all have slipped up with their diet and been angry and fed up and cursed it all. I know I have and still do.

I was diagnosed with a blood test in July last year and even last week I made a mistake. The good thing is that the more your body heals the quicker you will recover from any slip ups.

If you are worried about the barley malt extract in the cereal then just avoiding could be the best option for you?

What kind of foods are you eating?

Some coeliacs can't eat oats or anything with Codex Wheat Starch in. Modified starch can be made from wheat sometimes. Even medicines can have gluten in them.

carrie78 in reply to maidforit

Hi Maidforit, thanks for your response, I eat a variety of foods and buy warburtons gluten free bread, som,etimes genius bread or make my own with gluten ree flours but I havent qquite mastered that yet, they tend to be dry and like bricks, I eat ready salted crisps, though I found that pringles upset me so had to stop them, I hadnt had them for ages and ate a few and each time I ahd them I ended with bad abdo pain and then saw they had wheat protein in or something which must have been what upset me, I eat mainly dark chocolate as I am sensitive to dairy, I eat fresh meats and fish and veg and have used glutenf ree sauces such as morrisons free from chilli, sweet and sour and tikka massala, I am an addict of fizzy water though, I dont drink much flavoured pop but cant cope without my fizzy water which I bet doesnt do me any favours, it is the extras I slip up on, things like crisps with flavouring with wheat in and then last night I had a cadburys caramel only to find that I think that has wheat in which explains why I woke with abdo pain in the night. I have bought some saisnburys cup a soups which coeliac UK said was glutenf ree but I miss bread terribly, I have some mrs crimbles crackers I could have with them but I te a mrs crimbles apple cake a couple of months ago and ended with severe stomach pain and then found it was wheat free not glutenf ree but was in with all the free from stuff. My doctor hasnt and doesnt seem to want to give me any help or guidance which I am finding nigh on impossible. I have eaten glutenf ree oats and not had too much trouble I dont think but I cannot eat reg oats at all or I end in pain and now at 3 quid a pack I cant afford gluten free oats

maidforit in reply to carrie78

It's a nightmare at times isn't it? But you are still new to it all. I promise you will get the hang of it and learn to read every label.

Here's a great list of foods: coeliachelp.me.uk/qikguide....

If you have a smart phone (iphone or android) there's a great app called 'docs diet' that lets you log all the food you eat and the symptoms.

Thorntons chocolates tend to be 'free from gluten containing ingredients'. Obviously not cheap but nice for a treat.

The best genius bread is the seeded loaf which I can only seem to find in tescos.

I've read the posts further down from mummyof3 and you with regards to GPs and doctors, they aren't very clued up on food and diet and how it can affect people. Coeliac and gluten intolerances aren't really in their line of site at the moment. It was my mum that suggested it may be a wheat allergy, the docs were going to write it off as IBS. The dieticians are good and can provide you with information but because the UK is quite slow on the take-up on all of this they don't really consider that there may be other foods that are affecting you too.

It sounds like you are eating really well. I crave sugar too, I think it's my body wanting to boost it's energy levels, sometimes brocolli and carrots can only get you so far ;)

Making bread at home was a disaster for me too. I tried and then put the breadmaker on the top shelf never to touch it again.

On the other hand, cakes are far easier to make. I have found that Doves Farm Gluten Free Self Raising flour is a great substitute for standard flour. I make the normal 3 eggs/6oz flour/6oz sugar/6oz marg. I add extra baking powder. To keep it moist I add butter icing, either that or putting fruit into the batter also helps to keep it moist. My first couple of attempts were terrible and induced many tears at the thought of never being able to eat cake again but peserverance has paid off.

It pays to be 'anally retentive' about all of this while you get in the swing of it all. re-arrange the kitchen to suit you if you can and have seperate chopping boards. Keep gluten containing foods in seperate cupboards to your food. Prepare your food before other peoples. Don't use wooden chopping boards or spatulas and if it helps you feel better in your head, buy some new pans. Do anything that makes you feel more secure about what you eat regardless of how odd it seems to other people.

You are very lucky to have found this site so soon and there will be endless help here whenever you need it.x

autogirl in reply to carrie78

you can get lists of chocolates and sweets for manufacturer`s, just type

in the main manufacturer like cadbury`s or roundtrees and look for their

gluten-free lists. i only eat things on the list that have no wheat added.

their is a lot you can eat if you look hard enough. their are GF stockcubes and gravy`s, flour to make cakes, biscuits and crumb base for cheesecakes. i make these gluten-free. their are a lot of sites now that have gluten-free recipes.if you are also milk intolerant then it adds

a bit more of a problem, i am not a vegetarian, nor likely to be, but their

is always an answer to most problems. i love my food and will not deprive myself, i would rather be dead than misable.

if you have IBS or food allergy`s then get a thyroid test to most people

with gluten problems could be hypo or hyper.i am i have hashimoto`s

and RA, contact dermatitis, and gluten , all are autoimmune.

remysmum in reply to carrie78

Hi. I don't think you can totally trust coeliac uk. Be very careful you are not eating anything with maltrodextrin or glucose fructose syrup in. These ingredients are derived from wheat, some people can tolerate them, I cannot. So even products that say gluten free on them may contain these ingredients. e.g kallo stock cubes, I am much better since I stopped having them as they contain glucose fructose syrup. I have boillion stock cubes instead. Good luck


Oh Carrie!!! i feel your pain really i do. Your story sounds a lot like mine. My tests have all come back clear but because of my symptoms and the fact that i cannot tolerate gluten at all, my doctor and dietician treat me as if i am coeliac they even talk as if i am but my official diagnosis was Non Coeliac Gluten Sensitive. It may be a good idea whilst you are getting used to it to eat plain food that you know is naturally gluten free, it really is a case of trial and error, i find if im having issues again then i cut it right back and eat potatoes, salad, chicken, plain boiled rice. This might not agree with everyone but it seems to settle my stomach again. Another thing that i have found is that since being Gluten free (approx 2 months) that if i have a tiny crumb now it affects me worse than it ever use to, also i now cant tolerate things that i used to like any type of fizzy, too much chocolate or cake, onions. I suppose its early days and my stomach is still healing. You are not alone we all feel the same as you sometimes, i have found more help on this site than anyother, i wish you well.

Paula xx

carrie78 in reply to Hidden

Thanks so much Mummyof3. I wish my doctor was as good as yours, he just doesnt seem interested in my digestive trouble at all, it was just oh well if it upsets you dont eat it rather than attempting to give me any guidance or diagnosis, he did run the coeliac blood test when I asked specifically for it but it came back all clear. I am finding it all so hard to deal with on my own, I dont know whether I am coming or going but I get very bored of the same foods and this is why I keep slipping up, I have a craving for sweet food and junk food most of the time so although my meals are healthy I end up eating a lot of small snacks and then smll meals, I like crisps and sweets but all the ingredient names confuse me and I dont know what contains wheat or gluten and what doesnt. I am very tempted to go back to my doctor and try and get to see a dietician as this is just eting ridiculous, I thought i would be okay with a chocolate bar last night as I seem to be able to tolerate small amounts of dairy so thought id have treat then find this morning it has probably got gluten in, cadburys caramel. I even bought a jar of korma sauce yesterday and havent looked if it has gluten in, I totaly forgot so I don't know if i can have that. I just wish that I knew what on earth I was doing and was better at sticking to it, as I just feel rotten today, and I am sure it is as I keep slipping up.


your eating habits sound a lot like mine too!! i constantly crave sweet food, and i get a headache and the shakes if i dont have it, horrible feeling. Have you tried the gluten/wheat/dairy free chocolate i get mine from tescos? its not too bad . I think you have to get it into perspective eat boring but feel well or eat great but be constantly ill! I have put so much weight on (2.5 stone) I am desperately trying to lose weight , everybody tells me it should be easier now as i cant eat anything anyway lol NOT HELPFUL PEOPLE! but i am finding that if i stick to a plain diet i feel ok, also a good tip is to write down tomorrows food menu so you are not caught out and grab something quickly to find out it has gluten in it.

Breakfast- fruit and yogurt/gf cereal/gf toast with jam/eggs

lunch- chicken salald/tuna pasta (gf)/ham roll(gf) with pom bears and a twirl or free from chocolate bar

Dinner- Baked potato with beans and cheese/ rice, chicken & gf sauce/sausage pasta bake (gf sausages & pasta and dolmio carbonara sauce is gf too!)

snacks - twirl/flake/giant buttons/dairy milk/freddo/pom bears/tesco value tortilla chips/kettle crisps/fruit/some yogurts/veg sticks/flumps

I hope this helps this is stuff that is safe for me obviously we are all different but it might give you a few different ideas. Plan Plan Plan is the key to this gluten free malarky!! im not an expert at all but if i can help you with anything else please ask i will be happy to help. Chin up

Paula xx

maidforit in reply to Hidden

I'm with you on the shakes when I don't eat enough and I need lots of sugar too.

with regards to the dairy milk - is it safe? I noticed that a large bar said that it 'may contain traces of gluten and wheat'.

Planning is definately the key for sure.



i can eat dairy milk but not a lot of it, i think its down to each individuals tolerance level? i might be wrong, i thought it was gf but may have been produced in a factory that also produces gf food?? i may be wrong, im currently trying to not have chocolate on my quest to lose weight im suffering the worst headaches ever at the moment i think i have chocolate withdrawal!!! xx

Thank you so much both of you, your help and understanding means the world to me. I have been struggling and failing to do gluten free for quite some time now but had no guidance so this is why I kept screwing up. That glutenf ree foods list is great and will be a real help. I am finding it odd that you both also have issues with the shakes and headaches etc when you dont eat enough, with ME you can get mild hypoglyceamia so had alays put it down to my ME but maybe it is more widespread than I thought and not just another oddity of carrie. I think you have both hit the nail on the head any my issue is planning, I do not plan what I am going to eat at all, I tend to thinkabout what I am going to have when I get hungry, which can be from constantly hungry to not wanting to eat anything at all in a day. I think my erratic eating leads to issues in itself as you mentiuon I tend tog rab things not thinking and then end up with stuff with gluten in or due to my ME I find I am too exhausted and weak to make anything much so again grab something quick not concntrating and find I have been glutened again.

I will check out that app as I have an android HTC phone so that might be really useful and thank you so much for the list of foods that you eat s that has really helped, I have been eating tortilla chips and currently have a bag of sainsburys potato hoops on the go but they arent on the coeliac list so am not sure if they are okay. I don't udnerstand if the coeliac UK list is a difinitive list, ie, if it isnt on there you cant have it, or if it is just a guide of a few things that we can have.

fpr example the kids morrisons squashes were on there but the plain ones werent, so does that mean I can have the sherbert lemon one, but not the plain lemon and lime. we decided we would just buy me the kids juices to be safe but I am finishing offf a bottle of the lemon and lime, chocolate seems a bit of a mind field and my hubby wants me to avoid everything that says may contain traces of gluten in order to try and get my guts to behave a little better as he htes to ee me suffering so much andit is him that has to deal with a grumptious carrie when she is in agony but he also has to cook most of the time as I am not able a lot of the time and he gets bored also, I ended up throwing a hissy fit in sainsburys the othe day as I ahd made a list from the coeliac uk site of things that i could have and went and they didnt have a single thing hardly on my list, is earched and searched and ended up intears as I had spent a lot of energy searching the site and making the list then going looking forwad tog etting things, the cup a soups were the only thing I could find so there were lots of tears.

Why do we feel so awful at the thought of cutting food out, it is just food it isnt like when I lost my dad lst y ear or my uncle, it isnt the end of the world but the emotions I feel over this are extreme and unpredictable. I feel as though I am having to go through a grieving process or divorce with my food choices, it is allv ery strange, and especially with having to be awfullycareful with dairy it is so hard. I dont think my husband seems to udnerstand the attchment i have with the stuff I cant havem it feels as though my whole world has been turned upside down, but you are right, I cant carry on with the severity of the symptoms I am having, I am just having a hard time adjusting at the moment.

I have also gained a lot of weight again, i lsot about 6 stone about 18 months ago and have put about 2 stone back on again, I have a constant battle with me weight but I eat reasonably and dont eat ana wful lot, but due to being so inactive with my helth issues I gain weight at the drop of a hat, I am also on medication that causes weight gain.

talking medication, how do I find out what is in my medication,. I take MST continus 30mg, paracetamol, ranitidine, methysergide and have the risperdal consta depot injection, will the amount of lactose in thema ffect me negatively and do these have gluten in, I thought meds in the UK had to be glutenf ree, but I may have been misled there.

Thanks again so very much for all your help, i truly feel blessed to have found this site and it was thanks to my arch enemy, facebook, maybe that palce does have its benefits after all LOL


Food the bain of our lives hey!!

If you are anything like me you know what to eat to feel better/lose weight, but doing it is a completely different matter!!. Thats why i love this site, people that actually know how you feel, when you think you are going a bit crazy, there is also someone on here that says , dont panic i get that too!!. I dont know about the medication side to things but i also thought that all UKprescriptions had to be gluten free??

I have not been that impressed with the coeliac handbook, i find it confusing and actually stuff that they say is ok is not actually ok for me, and i have read on here a few people saying dont rely on the book 100%? i tend to read labels all the time and dont put anything in unless im sure, having that i still have incidents sometimes!!

Paula x

Thanks again Pauline, it does seem that people are amazingly helpful here and supportive I am very lucky to have found this site, you do end up feeling like you are losingit sometimes, but at least people here seem to be understanding of how I am feeling,

That is useful about the coeliac handbook as I have just been talking to my husband and he has told me I can do it, I can do anything I put my mind to and have lost a lot of weight on strict eight loss diets so I can do this and he said he will support me all the way, he really is an amazing man and I am truly blessed to be married to him. He has said that he will buy me a new pan and chopping booards that we will keep jus for me and he will make sure a cupbaord is allocated to just my foods and nothing with gluten will go in there.

He is also struggling with gut issues just now but we have found a site for him that is also very interesting for me, it is a support forum for anal fissures and the information on diet and constipation is really interesting. I am perfectly comfortable with bum and gut stuff as I have had so much trouble over the years but my poor husband is having a bit of a tough time talking and reading about it just now, but I will get him more comfortable with it in time.

I think with the troubles he is having it makes him udnerstand more of the daily struggles I face, he goes out of his way to understand all of m,y health problems, I just wish everyone was as lucky as I am and had a partner that goes above and beyond to make my life as easy and pleasurable as possible even when things are a their worst

I know how you feel mommyof 3 re- weight --the problem with gluten free is that the manufacturers seem to put in a huge amount of fat in some of their goods, I assume to counteract the dryness of the flours -so if you are also counting fat intake to lower your cholesterol you are even more restricted.


i have always struggled with my weight, when i was younger it was because i was very underweight now as an adult im very overweight. My main problem is that im lazy and like to grab chocolate instead of a meal! terrible i know but thats a bad habit that iv got into and im struggling to get out of!!.

If you look at the calories in a normal small slice of cake it may be 150 cals in a GF version it will be like 380 or something!! not helping me at all but i need to get my head in the right place and lose this weight.


I have the same problem Mummyof3 and it is so difficult when we have such a sweet tooth. If I don't get my sweet treats i find I get to feeling very deprived and depressed, It is so much easier when you are not feeling very well, to grab a bar of choc, or a ready made piece of cake, or biscuit and have that, to avoid the inevitable shakes and headache. When i am up to it I will cook and bake, but this isn't always possible, I was 15 and a half stone, and got it down to about 9 and a half and I have put a good two stone back on over the last 18 months or so and I just cannot shift it, but sugar is my downfall and so are fatty foods, basically everything I feel tastes good, if salad and fruit was chocolate flavoured or contained vast amounts of processed sugar, I would absolutely love it

Carrie78..if your problems are real bad go to your doctors and ask to be referred to a gastroentrologist. I found that after I asked or begged lol to see one, he has found that not only am I coeliac, I also have Fibromyalgia, Osteoporosis, Osteoathristis, IBS, Hemochromatosis, My GP refused to accept anything other than I was overweight and I would get better if I lost all my weight. I'm 43 now and was diagnosed at the age of 33...

Thanks Vabs, I have been to a gastro who dismissed the chance of COeliac s the blood test was clear, I had a colonoscopy which was clear other than haemorrhoids and was sent on my w ay, I was absolutely terrified of the colonoscopy and was a complete mess when I went for it, so am not wanting to push it as I do not want an endoscopy as the thought of that scares me even more than the colonoscopy, I was told I had severe IBS so feel it is possible that I have non coeliac gluten sensitivity as was explained in a previous post caused by my IBS and M.E as I have developed sensitivities to medications, chemicals and now foods. I was extremely unwell this morning and although I thought I had been careful I have just found I drank hot chocolate lalst night that may have gluten in. The stomach pain had me doubled up, I was close to vomiting, I had diarrhea ( that is unusual for me ) gurgling and felt very ill and headachey, I think it was a combination of that and my dairy escapades over the last few days. I also had severe palpitations lst night when I went to bed and wondered if I was having a random panic attack, but I wasnt worrying about anything or had anything on my mind other than why I ahd such bad palpitations and shortness of breath nd if I was glutened it may explain it. I read a post on here about palpitations being a symptom of gluten sensitivity/coeliac, I am still wholly convinced it is coeliac but as I am unwilling to go for the endoscopy or eat gluten if I am gonna end up really unwell off it for several weeks I think I will just have to see how I go cutting it out completely, opbviously if my symptoms dont improve over time, I know I have to re evaluate it and think again, but for now, gluten and dairy are 100% out of the question as it does seem to cause me a silly amount of issues and if I et any real changes I will go back to my GP and tell them as it was my regular doctor who told me to eliminate them in the first place.

I understand what you are going through I spent 8 years going back and forth to my doctors asking to be tested for many things related to my symptoms, IBS, aching joints, nausea dizzyness, tiredness list goes on my doctors told me i was depressed and tried to get me on anti-depressents, after being tested for CD and getting a negative result i decided i need to start an elimination diet gluten and dairy - it was then noted i had a lactose intolerance and being GF started to make the symptoms disappear, i am now labelled gluten sensitive! after giving up gluten for 18 months i introduced dairy into the diet so i believe the gut is now healed - so the dairy problem you have may improve in time. I also tried the Liver and bowel cleansing diet (book on amazon) it was at this time the lactose intoleance improved. I am now due to return to my GP and be re-tested which means eating gluten for 12 weeks do I go back and be tested for the sake of a diagnosis or move on and accept I will not get a true diagnosis!!

It will get easier eating GF it is a case of re-programming your shopping habits and you will make mistakes a pick up foods automatically that you have had in the past.

My frustration is eating out and the lack of knowledge in the catering trade and the lack of choice available.

Keep up the diet it is worth it , it may take 6months or 2 years the improvemnt will shine through

carrie78 in reply to benjac64

Thanks benJac, this is the problem, when do we stop pushing and just accept a diagnosis makes no difference, what ever we do we know we cant eat gluten without severe problems so what difference does the label make, the only one I can see is a few foods on prescription but from what I understand many doctors are unwilling to prescribe it due to the cost. The only thing I suppose is recognition from the medical profession that we are not just imagining it. I tire of doctors and their incompetence all too often

I think you are right and it just going to be a matter of time before we get used to gluten free eating and shopping, I have found that the sweets I have been guzzling for the last week are not listed on Coeliac UK as gluten free so I am assuming that they contain gluten which may be partly why my tummy has been so awful. I still don't yet understand if the coeliac UK sites food list is a concise list or if some stuff is missing that we can have

I will look forward to the improvement as I have had another bad night with my guts and woken up this morning with a lot of pain and bloating and nausea. It gets v ery difficult at times to think it could take 2 years to see improvements but never mind I have to try.

Thanks so much for your response, it really does seem there are a lot of people in the sme position as me and that you all manage, I just have tog et my arse into action and sort things out hehehehe

I would say that the nausea could be more down to the lactose intolerance as I understand it the proteins in lactose is not broken down in your gut and they continue to ferment - dairy can be in so many things hot chocolate powder, (Not very health but I find fizzy drink and mints relieves the nausea)

Also you can get Motliliumn (Domperidone) either over counter or on prescription You get a better quantity on prescription) You can take regularly to start with and then as and when you feel really bad, this relieves nauseau and bloating

It works by helping to move food faster through the food pipe (Oesophagus) stomach and gut. This is so that it does not stay in the same place too long. It also helps food flowing the wrong way back up your food pipe

I am currently taking Rice milk but Soya milk is an option (However ladies of a certain age menopause) have to be careful not to overdo the soya as this can also be a problem. I would say that the list of foods supplied by coeliac UK is not exhaustive there are so many products out there which they do not cover, You just need to be vigilant on the labels.

If you go gluten and dairy free for a period of time insist your doctors test you for calcuim levels and vitamin D, they tend to do this automatically for coeliacs but forget to follow up with gluten sensitive patients I had to remind my doctor and to find out I was peri-osteperous hope this helps

Thanks Benjac, This is he problem what is gluten free isnt lacto rere and what is lacto free isnt gluten free, It is hard trying to find something that is both and still edible. I discovered that baxters cocka leekie soup states on the tin it is glutenf ree and is also milk/lactose free so enjoyed a bowl of that last night with a chicken lettuce butty on warburtons glutenfree bread, I also had salad cream and have had a wicked headache since I woke at 3.30 so am wondering if it has anything in it that disagrees with me, as I feel queas with it and bloated

I haave always found that anti sickness tablelts knock me out, I cant remember which ones the doc gave me last time and i was asleep after an hour of taking them, I react very badly to a lot of medication, it is a pain in the proverbial

I used to drink rice milk but then found lacto ree milk and went right off rice milk, I can tolerate it in tea but coffee with it is nasty. I think I just lost the taste for it after going to lalctofree milk, both are very expensive.

This is my major bug bare just now that everything we get that is free from stuff is so damned expensive, 2.69 for a small loaf is daylight robbery but I like bread


Hi carrie78,

I've just started to avoid everything that says contains,may and trace, along with glucose from wheat if it says it is and modified starches.

Have you signed up to some of the gf products sights some send coupons and samples,

DS sent me an introduction box with biscuits,rolls and pretzels, they also sent me a roll to try and asked for feed back.

the DS ciabatta rolls are the nice rolls they make they are 1.8? and I've stared to buy morrisons pasta which is 1.50 ,I have noticed the price for some gf foods have gone down in price in the last year.

2 years ago I couldn't find any pasta that was under £2.

It amazes me though when I go into morrisons and see the small genius loafs for really £3 and the travel across town to see the larger sliced genius loafs in tesco for the same price,I mean really which one are you going to buy.

Thank you so much for your reply KH78, I think this is going to be the only way until I am more settle and just avoid everything that you mention labeling wise, the only site I have signed up for was Dear Sirs,

and they said I could have a voucher for a free product but I dont have a printer and couldnt find the area tog et the voucher again when I went back, they didnt offer to send me anything free and I dont know the other sites at the moment

I have tried the DS ciabata rolls and they are lovely, I especially like the brown ones, they used to do a baguette at morrisons, I am not sure if it was theres but that was good but I cant get it now. I just wish they would package the rolls in sections of two as I always seem tow aste half of them as they go mouldy, I like bread a lot hence not wanting to do without it but I dont eat an awful lot of anything and bread tends to ermm bung me up LOL

The morrisons pasta is great and I havent been to tesco to see the price differences really but i have bough the warburtons bread at 2.49 a loaf, genius bread is dearer and my morries are only doing the small unsliced now and I liked the larger sliced, every time i find I like something it is discontinue, gluten fre outs have one up from 1.99 a box to 2.89 and sainsburys want 3 quid or theirs, not sure what has happened there but I cant afor that.

From what I read it means celiac...finished 25 books. So glad you found your trigger. Must be a relief

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