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Why do I need an ultrasound (I have had the blood test)

My doctor is trying to get back to me and let me know the reults of my coeliac blood test - he sent me a letter and said he had booked me in for an ultrasound. Is this normal as I had expected an endoscopy etc. if the blood tests were positive for coeliac? I have not spoken to him yet as I cannot get hold of him as the moment

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I have not heard of anyone having the procedure, but found this research which talks about it. Sounds better than an endoscopy!



I have never heard of this procedure. I had a 99% positive blood test for cd, but had to have endoscopy to clarify it, and the result took about two weeks to come through. If it can be detected by scan all well and good, but endoscopy takes samples of your intestine to test.



Just remember that GPs are human and sometimes make cock ups! It may be worth asking them if this referral for you is the correct one and asking why.

My GP surgery completely forgot to make my hospital referral in the first place following my positive blood test. It was only when I queried what was happening that the error came to light.

My advice is to not be afraid to go back and ask the GP again if you are unsure.

Good luck.


Please try not to worry. Just before I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, I was also sent for ultra sounds. You need to remember that every one has different symptoms and not everyone is straight forward to diagnose. I have a negative blood test but a positive biopsy so it's good that the doctors are checking everything. They need to rule things out, but I know how hard it is as your mind starts to wonder....... They just need to make sure you have no gall stones and things like that. I hope that helps.


Contact your Dr and ask the results of your blood test (did they do the tTG & EMA blood tests?) and why you have a scan booked. If you are positive the next step is for an endoscopy as that is the 'gold standard' of diagnosis. A scan is sometimes booked to check for pancreas problems or spleen / liver problems which are associated with Coeliac. However an ultrasound cannot and will not diagnose Coeliac Disease.


Hi there. When I had my blood test for loads of stuff including thyroid function (as mines a bit wonky) 8 viles of blood were taken and they picked up 2 anti-bodies for coeliacs so had to go for the endoscopy. Had that and it was confirmed. Our daughter is 4 and a half was diagnosed with T1 diabetes aged 11 months and had a 'routine blood test' recently. Her blood test picked up anti-bodies for coeliacs so she too had to go for the endoscopy and hers was confirmed then too. Never heard of having an ultrasound scan for coeliacs unless it is to check other stuff too. xxx


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