Tummy bugs and Coeliac

My Coeliac son diagnosed aged 30, is ill again, now 32,......his baby son, 11 months, had a tummy bug last weekend and now "dad" is off work due to extreme diarrhoea. This has happened several times since baby arrived. Are Coeliacs more susceptible to tummy bugs or could it be stress? He is sure his diet has been gluten free.

Thanks for any thoughts.....

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  • Not sure if coeliacs are any more prone but new parents are certainly more susceptible. In the first few years of my sons life I fell ill with a range of new things including violent tummy bugs. I think as a new parent you get exposed to loads of germs because little ones interact in ways which put them at higher risk of contracting and spreading germs. To make matters worse as an adult you haven't come into contact with these germs regularly so have lower immunity for them, believe me it gets really interesting when they go to nursery and school. If your son isn't bouncing back within a few days it might be worth further exploration but if he's getting a bug and going through the motions for 48-72hrs I think he's probably just getting used to being exposed to a constant stream of new germs.

  • Thank you Henbur, hmmm that's what I was guessing.

  • Like Henbur said, all new parents I know get sick a lot. But IgA deficiency is much more common in coeliacs than general population and IgA protects against gut infection so that could explain it. He probably had total IgA tested as part of his diagnostic work up so he could check with gp. Not much you can do about it except be vigilant of hygiene, infection control but that's the same for everyone and of course isn't easy at 3am when you're sleep deprived with a very sick baby.

  • Thanks gooseberry......, know he had IgA checked......solution quarantine baby in garage ha ha ......or biohazard suit fashion wear.......?

  • Hi Sarah I agree with the others, I wonder if the symptoms may be worse for a celiac and their digestive system is already compromised. It can't hurt for your son to see a GP and get his stools sent of for analysis, then he will know if it is the bug.

  • Good thinking....thank you Fatima 😉

  • Fecal oral transmission? The constant poo trail combined with toddlers putting fingers in their noses! It used to be well documented (HPV4 I think).

  • Ta Jacks, will look it up, he's still struggling to keep any food in him and practice nurse appt today advises wait full 7 days before going to GP ...... Hmmmmm...... ie until Friday ..... she also said the current Bug in Bath area, the city not the washing area is particularly virulent and long lasting, eeeeyuk....keep away.

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