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Key Vitamins for Coeliacs to keep an eye on!

Find out here why B12, Vitamin D, Magnesium and Iron need to be checked in Coeliacs.

Coeliacs often don't absorb them properly due to stomach damage, and even after going gluten free some are still not processed correctly. So, do get these checked esp if you are a Newbie Coeliac. Then you have a baseline level to improve upon.

Vitamin D: Why eggs, salmon and sunshine aren't always enough.

Did you know that Vitamin D is converted into a hormone and is vital for your Endochrine system (inc Thyroid) to function correctly? And yes that does include men and women.

Vitamin B12

Losing hair, feeling dizzy, white spots on arms, sore mouth, tired, depressed...get it checked. Meat and eggs contain it but our tums often won't digest it correctly...



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If you are taking B12 make sure that when you get a blood test that they look at your active B12 level not just your B12 levels. The active part is the important side of things. On experience.


I saw a rather interesting piece on this which says that we store masses of B12 in our bodies and often have seven years worth but people can still have shortages as it requires both active and inactive B12 at the same time.

This B12 site is quite an interesting read ..


Roscoe - this is a contentious issue as the majority of UK Docs use the B12 serum blood test to measure your B12 levels. This is even the case when you have been diagnosed with Pernicious Anaemia and are solely reliant on the B12 shots.

The current guidelines are that B12 injections are given 3 monthly however I had a recent experience where my GP, following a B12 serum blood test, told me that I couldn't have my next one for 5 months as my blood levels were very high!

The good new is that St Thomas' Hospital have a separate unit which have been using a different test which does measure Active B12. This should in theory help both ways, i.e. for the true B12 deficient person, in order to get more frequent shot and the borderline who, under the current test may have been diagnosed deficient when in fact they are not.

The Nutristasis Unit test has proved successful and is now being introduced throughout the whole of the hospital so anyone attending who requires a B12 test will automatically get the new test. GP's are also able to make use of this facility and sent patients blood tests off to St Thomas'. The difficulty will be in persuading them to do so!!


There is also a problem with iron too much iron when the body is not absorbing correctly very toxic


Hi Irene. I have a new GP now and he is very approachable. So when I asked for an active B12he said Ok and went to the net to research what I told him. He now active b12 tests for all his patients that need it. A good thing I am sure.


Excellent news Roscoe. Hopefully here in the UK docs will start moving towards this more reliable method.


that sounds about right.for yrs ive been takin iron b12 calcium among others i was told i didnt absorb vitimins i wondered why.


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