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Places to get private tests for Coeliacs done?



I'm not confirmed as having CD, and I do currently eat gluten containing foods. I already have a thyroid autoimmune disorder diagnosed and have been struggling with poor health for last 2 years (primarily lethargy, insomnia, anxiety, weak muscles, poor memory/focus). I'd had low Vit D sorted out during that, and tried different thyroid doses, including ones with an alternate thyroid medication that I hoped might fully fix me but no luck, only small improvements.

Recently I'd had some luck with a new diet. I know I have an intolerance or allergy to rapeseed pollen and likely also to it in oil (often used in vegetable oil and fat) so I'd been eliminating that - the longer I go without it the better I'd felt but only managed at best 3 weeks. I did wonder though if I might have other food issues but tested by GP and not allergic to cows milk/eggs/peanuts/soya/cod. It did occur to me there was possibility this diet could have improved my health for what else it was cutting out, as due to vegetable oil in it I am rarely eating breads and now home cook most meals.

My GP did test for Coeliacs before with antitransglutimate tTg test last year, test negative I'm told, but from the reading I'd done online it was suggesting that test has only 85% efficiency and that in particular may report a false negative in patients with low IgA and that low IgA is more likely in patients with autoimmune problems. So, I personally do not feel satisfied in the face of symptoms that the Coeliacs issue is fully investigated, though my GP said they've done all they can. I suspect if I want to be sure about that I need to pay for private tests. I'm aware there about 4 or 5 that can be done but not sure what combination is best to get to thoroughly rule it out (or all of them to be sure?) nor where offers these tests without requiring GP approval.

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I went through much the same as you, have numerous Auto Immune conditions, had a negative test, but it was a flawed test as had been on an exclusion diet, but I could not face the Challenge of Wheat again so decided I knew my body and it doe's not want wheat or Gluten, so just stick to the GF diet and have been better for it . Have you ever thought of asking for a B12 blood test as I have also recently been have Fatigue, confusion, memory loss and muscle and nerve pains, stomach and bowel problems and found I have Pernicious Anaemia, as well as Diverticulitis all the symptoms mask each other so may be worth checking.

Hansaplatz in reply to myrab

I've had several tests for B12 and PA antibodies, so that's fairly well investigated.

Have you tried the Cyrex immunological testing which we carry out

Hi, are these tests very expensive? Can you give an approximation. Also where do you go to gets the bloods done?


Thank you for the link. They look helpful but some idea of prices would be nice to have too as I've no idea if I can afford those or not.

Why did you only manage 3 weeks excluding rapeseed oil?

I'd managed a week or two before at a time over the last few months but generally I was having problems either attempting to eat out (including eating at relatives houses) or finding there were other ingredients that weren't so obviously a problem (originally I did not know vegetable oil/fat could be rapeseed too and then things like emulsifiers made from vegetable fat). In this case I hadn't realised raw honey could be a problem with it including pollen which can be rapeseed pollen.

Please email me direct via the website and we can provide more details

Hi, I am a GP with an interest in bowel screening and disease. If you would like me to arrange for you to have some tests for food allergies and coeliac disease, then I can do that. These would be private tests, all done by kits sent through the post. Dr Webberley

Hi. I'm definitely interested but would like to know what tests you would want to do using the kits and how much it would cost to do so roughly.

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