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hi this is very interesting, i am very ill at the moment, i have been in hospital for 5 weeks my symptoms are: palpitations, sweating, tremors, muscle spams which look like seizures, memory loss, confusion, irritiability, nervousness, severe insomina, itchy red skin rashes, pains in chest, hair loss on leg, hair growth, modd swings, dizziness, loss of balance, weight loss even though good appetite, weight loss, cant walk need a walking frame / i am only 31! went from suddenly being ok albeit, tired, rashes, palpitations but suddenly within last 5 weeks cant walk properly, my hair has been ruined to the point its so dry its matted i will have to get it all cut off!! :( i have been confined to bed or couch, i am terrified and worry if i will ever be better. i asked doctors to do a colonscopy and endoscopy the biopsy and blood tests came back normal but i have been on a gluten free diet for 5 weeks now but to be honest dont feel any better. I therefore have no idea if it is the gluten or if it is thyroid? as the symptoms are very similar. surely if it was gluten i would have felt better by now!?? although ive heard some ppl take 6 months to feel better. I do have a vitamin d and b deficiency which i am on tablets for but i dont think thats the root cause. the doctors are usless and i have been in hospital for 5 weeks and they cannot tell me whats wrong!!! its like some mystery illness. again they diagnosed me as chronic fatigue sydrome but i dont think all the symptoms match that.

I asked them to test my thyroid but will not scan my thyroid i dont know why???!! they say the symptoms do not match thyroid but they do! they have tested my tsh and t4 which they say are normal. but they will not test the antibodies, i have asked them til i was blue in the face but they say the thyroid is normal, yet i could have nodules and they will NOT scan my thyroid, i dont know what to do??!! thing is i have trouble swallowing sometimes, wake up coughing, choking in sleep sometimes, a cough that comes and goes, sore throats that come and go. they cant see inside my throat so why are they so against me having a thyroid scan????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they have scanned everywhere else in my body but there!!! i also thought about mercury poisoning as i have a mercury filling that goes out onto the gum ive had it since i was 16 im now 31. please help i want my life back!! i cant walk, cant sleep, cant do anything. and i cant get any help from the doctors

is this gluten or thyroid???

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Hi, i already mentioned mercury but that won't help you in the immediate future. My symptoms have been similar, not that it will make you feel any better. And my thyroid was fine.

I take lots of magnesium as that resolves or reduces many of the symptoms. I also cut out all sugar after being tested for many other auti-immune illnesses by a endocronologist who told me that I had reactional hypoglycemia and my pancreas was going mad and that she'd had to hospitalise a patient that she thought was dying out to realise it was that.

I also have walking problems, numbness in the back of my throat and tongue so I can't swallow (which is really stressful) and a whole lot of other symptoms when I eat soya, corn and potatoes. the potato thing took a while to work out. I have also had allergy testing which has all come back negative. I had a MRI on my head and throat, and yes, they came back negative too. Some specialists in the states are saying the protein of potatoes corn and soya are similar to gluten proteins so the body reacts as though they were gluten.

Good luck


I don't know why they are against you having a thyroid scan as I am not a doctor nor in any way a medical practitioner but I do know that none of your symptoms match the ones that I was displaying before I was diagnosed as a coeliac following an endoscopy. Good luck with a diagnosis & I hope you recover soon.


i have just actually just now developed an itchy rash on my elbow that has bumps/lesions on it. is this a symptoms of celiac/gluten ? i dont understand as ive been on a gluten free diet for 5 weeks although maybe i slipped up by eating something with gluten cos i am coming out in itchy rashes just now and every night. my biopsy came back negative and blood tests as well negative


I would second KarenBC, could be reactive hypoglycemia. I had many of your symptoms too, and I was near convinced it was my thyroid. Taking all sugars (inc. fruit) from my diet and eating 6-8 times a day has completely resolved my illness. I was at the point where I couldn't walk to the shops some days - now, after about 6-8 weeks on this diet I've been surfing, hiking, kayaking, cycling... It's an unbelievable turn around!

PS. For your hair, get some Aussie 3 Minute Miracle and leave it in for 1/2 hour - it'll sort it out!

Ask your docs if they can give you a glucose tolerance test.

Get well soon.


Gluten Hater

Some of your symptoms can be caused by low vitamins & minerals eg low calcium, magnesium and vitamin D can cause cramps. However, the docs need to work out what is the root cause i.e. if you are very low in some vitamins why - what is causing this? Many auto-immune diseases have very similar symptoms and can be hard for doctors to diagnose. Keep pushing for answers.


i have a vitamin d and vitamin b deficiency which i am on tablets for, but again what has caused this. i feel like i could be reactive hyperglycemia. sassy, thanks, did it stop you walking?! i feel like i do an autoimmune disease :( i need some answers quick


i mean i need answers quick from my doctors


Hi, I have coeliac disease and an underactive thyroid. The thyroid problem came many years after being diagnosed a coeliac. I do feel that you need to keep at trying to get an answer to your problems.....The T4 range in tests is very wide and from my experience they do seem to think that if you are anywhere in the 'normal' range than you are fine...They don't know what your levels were before you were ill. I have to be kept at the very top end of the range in order for me to fell well and stay awake. So if my level of T4 drops below 17 I start to get all my symptoms back. Ask if you could perhaps be tried on a low dose of Thyroxine (50mg) and see if you notice any difference. If it is your thyroid you'll notice a difference within a's like magic.Do let them try and sort out any vitamin/mineral deficiencies because they can have similar symptoms. You also sound very understandably stressed which can also have a dire effect on your bodies workings. Good luck and I hope they sort you out soon x


Sounds like mold..look around maynot smell it...Blackmold is sons an I had those youngest was a teen...he almost died...have u noticed strange bruises...the blackmold will make it seem as if you have all these problems...go to an Immuoligist..we have one here in Knoxville that saved our lives...he will do simple allergy test an ours makes his own meds..he is a miracle worker. Its called Histoplasmosis..caused by Blackmold..I had a friend that test homes for it..if its hard to find they can do an air test...I had to demo two rooms..our dog was even sick. My sons lost weight I gained..Its a can call me ..I can tell you more...Rita 865 405 3426


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