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Hello and welcome to the HealthUnlocked page for Gluten Free Guerrillas.

We're in the early stages of activating all the features. We hope you'll have a play around and interact and share tips with other Coeliacs.

Here's a run down of the neat things you can do on this site:

Helpvine: ask a question and we'll do our best to answer your Coeliac queries.

Group Blog: have a peek at the interesting posts that will be appearing over the next few weeks

Compare Hospitals: we know that hospital understanding and treatment for Coeliac Disease patients vary so we think you'll love this. Rate your hospital and find another to switch to if you're not happy with your treatment.

Big Question: Each month or so we'll be asking a big question. So that we can share the results here and with the medical community. Let's bust some myths about Coeliac Disease!

Members: What it says on the tin, newbies and established members

Conversations: join in and network with other members

Links: we've added some of the best health, travel, food and lifestyle links from the net so have a peek

We know that the journey to better health begins once you are diagnosed with Coeliac Disease. It can be overwhelming and hard for others to understand it is more than just 'not eating wheat'. So think of this as a place where you can share concerns, questions and positive tips. Of course we'd still love you to interact on our facebook page and follow us on twitter too. We just thought this group would offer more in depth help.


PS Why not add a real or fun picture to your profile and a few lines about you. It often helps everyone share tips and interact.

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