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Coeliac petition - please help us reach 2500 signatures :)

Hello my fellow GF Guerillas. It's been about a month since I posted this petition - and we are so close to reaching our goal of 2500 signatures (we're now at 2373).

We could not have done this without our Coeliac friends in the UK (you all are freaking amazing). There's been an inspiring amount of support from around the world. The petition is available through on behalf of an 11 year old girl, Erin Everett and her mom - here is the link:

Thank you for helping us facilitate better compassion, education, and awareness for Coeliac Disease and Gluten Intolerance :) Big hugs to all of you & have a wonderful 2013!

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Happy to sign and share:-)


Thank you ellen29. Your support means so much. I'm sincere when I say that this petition has truly survived with the amazing support from our UK Coeliac friends - and the rest of the world (we even had a Gastroenterologist from Russia sign). I wish you a healthy, happy GF 2013.


anything to highlight ingnorance of coeliac and to raise awareness is ok by me .. So signed..



Yeah! Thank you wee :) We now only need 98 more signatures. Thanks for helping us keep this thing alive. It's been such a great way to bring people together. And let's face it, we can use all the help & support we can get. Take care.


Done, only another 4 needed.


Gail xxx


Thanks Gail! This feels like such a huge accomplishment for the GF/Coeliac community. Hopefully we'll get the final 4 done today. Take care :)



will sign also, only recently discovered I have a gluten problem...and having to STAY glutened till I get the tests...UGH...


Thank you mitchellbarbara, every signature matters. Hang in there - it's been ten years since my diagnosis, but I can still vividly remember having to stay on gluten for the tests... Uuugh is right - or should I say, Bleh. It's rough, but you'll make it (I swear). Good luck & take care of yourself.


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