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Getting our heads around GLUTEN and the problems of poor food substitutes and what they can lead to

I found this article and thought it was worth sharing as a warning to us all on our life on a gluten free diet.

Now you may glance at it and feel it is too long as it is a full page in length.

In order for all of us to feel fit and as well as possible we need to understand what food items do to the body and which foodstuffs are best avoided when we develop coeliac disease. Here are a few extra food items that impact on health and an explanation of how they damage health - shockingly not only for coeliacs for for everyone:

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Hi Lynxcat, a very interesting article so thanks for posting it. The bit about all grains having a protein (prolamine) is interesting as we assume that it's only the gluten like prolamines in the forbidden grains that affect us.

Along similar lines is this about anti nutrients:


Anti nutrients are enzymes that block the absorption of nutrients and I was surprised about them as many are in foods that we deem healthy.


Thanks - really interesting stuff.



I did a bit of digging round and whilst there are negative health benefits of anti nutrients, some also have positive effects - like potential reduction of cancer.

Complex! and I think what this points to is the need for us to eat natural foods, which is no bad thing anyway.


Not meaning to sound deep - but I think sometimes it is useful to think about food in other ways. For instance many children's books years ago would show rabbits eating lettuce - imagine how surprised I was when talking to a breeder and being told that lettuce is impossible for a rabbit to digest. It apparently makes them very ill indeed and in some cases - it could kill them. I was told years later that humans experience problems with this particular vegetable too.

I am certainly with you regarding eating as naturally as possible. This appears to be the best way for any people who have autoimmune disease or suffer with food alleregies and intolerances. At least then we stand a better chance of knowing what we are putting into our bodies. Less chance of mistakes happening - I hope!!!! :)


I also agree 100% about eating natural foods and think that it's about preparation of foods to neutralise the toxic defence of the plant, so with quinoa rinsing with water washes the saponins out of the seeds and then they can be cooked and eaten safely.

The article also says about phytates, phytic acid is in soya beans and why they have to be cooked first and phytic acid is added to supermarkets breads so they prove in 60/90 seconds (the time it takes for the mixed dough to travel down the conveyor belt to the oven)

So it is no wonder that wheaties who eat supermarket bread are also complaining of bloating!

Lastly I thought rabbits loved lettuce so you've shattered that myth...


Lol!! :) I put it in about the rabbits to show that it is easy to think that just because something is in print and has been in print for a long, long time doesn't necessarily make it fact. We have had the wool pulled over our eyes for years with the 'whole grains are good for you' message. Sadly, with the general population it is a case of total 'brain-washing' and it is frightening what a little brain-washing can do especially to our health!


Hi Lynxcat,

I haven't read the article you provided a link for yet, but I will do.

I just felt I wanted to say that I totally agree with you about eating as naturally as possible for people with autoimmune diseases etc.

I have a very serious and rare, autoimmune disease called Churg - Strauss and I recently (April) put myself on a GF diet as I was convinced it would help me with many of my symptoms. To my absolute delight it DID!

With my hand on my heart I can say I have NEVER felt as good as I do now and I have felt SO bad for a very long time. My energy has increased, I feel better in myself and I feel more positive in my outlook. I thank God I made the switch as it's truthfully given me a new lease of life.

I am not saying this will be the case for everyone (but I suspect it will be!) but I only know I have benefited enormously from doing it and the longer I am on it, the better I feel.

Going GF does sound rather daunting but I find it a doddle. There are so many GF foods on the market now, you need never feel deprived of anything and many of the "mainstream" foods are naturally GF.

At the risk of sounding "preachy" health is SO precious and you only realise how precious it is once it's lost.

I'm taking positive steps to make the most of my own bad situation and hopefully you all will too.

The best of health to you all. x


the first few sentences put me off reading this article--it talks about the animal eating the apple and pooping out its' seed then in the same breath talks about the animal choosing to not eat the seeds so therefore saving itself from the toxins in the seeds ?????

I think we are severely over thinking our diets and in desperation some of us are reading and believing articles which do not wholly help.

some of us are (unfortunately {with a capital U} ) just unwell beings, and I think that even there were written health notes from the paleolithic times there would be tales of the tired/sick/unwell /unexplained illness and there will be some allergic to seeds/ mammoth hair.


Just tracked this website down if you want to try the Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD) which is mentioned in Lynxcat's article.

It is very useful.


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