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Ladies is low BMI something you've experienced after going gluten free?

We posted this on our Facebook page and got some responses from fans saying they have low BMI. Our experience is that after diagnosis, absorbing nutrients and eating gf foods makes some people put on the pounds and raise their BMI. What's your view?


Have you seen this report of reduced risk of various female cancers when you have coeliac disease? The summary says:

"This study shows that there is a decreased risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer in women with coeliac disease. There is some suggestion that a lower BMI, and a potentially lower oestrogen (female hormone) exposure, may be what protects women with coeliac disease against these reproductive cancers.

Reference: Ludvigsson JF, West J et al (2011) Reduced Risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancer in women with coeliac disease. International Journal of Cancer. Doi:10.1002/ijc.26454"


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I certainly have had a higher BMI since going gf and lots of gf food has more calories and fat than its non gf equivalent. I really struggle now to lose any weight.


I've put on weight since going gluten free but only in relation to what I was when I was ill. Prior to developing coeliac, I was a good half a stone heavier than I am now. I lost over a stone in total before getting diagnosed! My BMI dropped to below 18.5. It's now around 19.5.


Just a bit of fun here, Irene ..

This link is from the BBC and shows you where you are on the global fat scale compared to the rest of the world:

My weight initially went up by around a stone after being diagnosed - but I was eating small amounts from the Free From supermarket aisle range, etc. Since joining this little group and being well and truly educated into where the little extra bits of gluten hide and hopefully cleansing myself of it, my weight has now have gone back down again. I have always gained weight extremely easily so have never been one for snacks. I avoid crisps as I have found in the past that crisps make me gain weight faster than anything else - faster than chocolate - faster than cake - faster than buckets of cream!!



Since diagnosed 8 years ago my weight has crept up. I eat healthy most of time and exercise lots. See dietician regularly and makes no difference. It drives me crazy. It has to be coeliac related


iv put 3 stone on in weight since finding out im celiac. iv struggled but have lost 1 stone. the season being i never feel full on a gluten free diet.before finding out i had cd i was always felt full so i didnt eat so much. now its the reverse.i was very slim now im chunky.anyone els had the same problem.


I have lost nearly 2 stone since before diagnosis in April! I don't eat lots of GF packaged products, only bread, occasionally some cakes and biscuits, apart from that I eat mainly rice, potatoes and veg and some eggs. I know I should up my intake of protein but I cant have cheese due to lactose intolerance (which may only be temporary) and I have been a vegetarian for many years now and don't wish to change that if possible. I was a little overweight to start (around half to one stone over). When I visited the dietician I was just in the ok range of BMI, when I return in October I will definately be classed as underweight.


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