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VIDEO: Dr Rodney Ford & how gluten affects the brain (2)

We posted this when we first set up our Health Unlocked page. But, with so many new followers, and Christmas approaching, we thought you might find this re-posting useful .


I know you might miss good stuff we post up on facebook so we've added this video by Gluten Guru Dr. Rodney Ford. We've used it to explain Coeliac Disease to friends and family; it really helps as he explains CD and Gluten with humour. We love the bit about anti-bodies !

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Thanks for sharing this Irene.

I like his style. Doesn't go into complex chemistry and explains things in laymans terms with a hint of comedy.

The point he makes though is that the gut is supposed to operate automatically, controlled by the brain as a sort of background process. It would be easy to think that food was pulled through our bodies by gravity and had nothing to do with the brain. (Weightless astronauts show this isn't true of course).

So his theory is that if the brain malfunctions because of antibodies produced by gluten it doesn't operate the gut properly and we get gut problems.

My undersrtanding of the process before watching this video was that the gut, villi, etc are attacked by the antibodies produced by gluten, which caused the gut problems. NOthing to do with brain function.

If the antibodies affect brain function presumably everything that happens in the brain can be effected; not just its function of controlling the gut.

It does explain some of those symptoms I used to get such as migraine and acid reflux.

I must watch this again.


Glad you found this useful Philaustin. FionaGFG didn't have any 'classic' coeliac symptoms pre diagnosis. She had, what was thought to be an inner ear infection. This was causing severe balance problems. It was only whilst investigating this and Fiona carrying out an exclusion diet that a diagnosis of Gluten Ataxia was arrived at. Followed on by high positive blood test and virtually no villi visible at endoscopy/biopsy.

Other worldwide reasearch has now confirmed that gluten can affect virtually every cell in the body. But you are right, it is not a common perception.


Here's a couple of links to earlier posts re Gluten Ataxia which you might find useful.


This is a great video, thanks for posting it up. I totally agree that it affects all of the body from my own experience and I've researched as much as I can, but haven't seen this guy before. I will be reading up on him and sharing this too :)


All we need now is for gp's and gastro consultants to stop thinking they know it all and improve their listening skills.


Hi, thanks for posting this video again - gluten-related disorders are complicated - there are lot of diseases/conditions that are caused by gluten and they have a number of different mechanisms of illness. The villi get damaged from the direct toxicity of the gluten in susceptible people. However, most of the symptoms come from brain dysfunction and the triggering of auto immune diseases. I have written this up in the book "gluten:Zero global" - see

Thanks for the encouraging comments, yes, there are many more doctors who need to learn this stuff. Dr Rodney Ford


So how come many coeliacs do not have these symptoms.?. I have never had any of them.. and I have diagnosed coeliacs.. No headaches, migraine, irritability, low mood etc.


Coeliac Disease is auto-immune and can effect everyone differently. What Dr Rodney Ford is saying is that the brain is impacted by gluten i.e. it effects every cell in the body. As the brain controls other processes in the body gluten is damaging to much of the body not just the intestines.


go here it explains a lot


to wee...

look here this explains quite a bit

if you've been on this website for a while you'll have noticed that coeliac disease can manifest in many different forms of physical and neurological symptoms. we are not one and the same on here. i was initially diagnosed with ME 11 yrs ago and have neurological, skin and gastrointestinal symptoms. maybe you're one of the lucky ones and you haven't been damaged over a long period of time?

I had severe migraines as a child and balance problems as a teenager then wen't down hill fast in my early 20s with so many symptoms it's impossible to record.

thanks for the reposting of this as i had missed it.

i find this site extremely helpful in my ongoing quest of better long term health.


Thanks very much for re-posting this, I had missed it too.

The symptoms of gluten are so varied and this is a really good explanation. I was treated for arthritis for years, before the doctors decided it was 'all in my mind'.....


Justseen video and foundit very interesting. I suffer wirg epilepsy as well all coeliac and osteoporosis(not much going for me)!!!!!! Epilepsy is in a few members of my family so it does make you think


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