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What are your favourite gluten free products on prescription & why (with PIP Codes for newbies)?

Often learning how to eat gluten free can be bewildering. Dietitians often tell coeliac patients to simply 'join Coeliac UK'. Doctors often don't know much about the best gluten free products on prescription for patients. So we thought it'd be useful for newbies to start the New Year with a great selection of the best prescription products you've tried and love. Simply jot down what products you regularly order on prescription and why you love them. Don't forget the PIP codes so newbies can order them in the New Year.

*whilst we know some PCTs are restricting items like biscuits & crackers on prescription let's leave moans & groans about that for another topic thread. Here we just want the best products you love. How did you discover them? Do you change your items every few months? What new products have you tried?

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The pasta isn't as nice as asda or tescos but the bread I get; Juvela whole grain is lovely...


Thanks Weee. Can you post the PIP Code later for newbies?


By Jerry:

I remember my first Christmas as I was diagnosed in October so felt lost but I also remember it fondly as it was over the Christmas holiday that I started to feel really well and I knew that my diet was working for me.

Well worth looking out for is a Village bakery organic gluten free Christmas pudding:

They also do a 450g which's what I've bought and have since I discovered them. I paid £7.60 for mine but it's worth paying for as they use the best ingredients.

I also really like the Livwell Christmas cakes which I buy in Sainsburys for £2.99 and I've 3 left in my cupboard which speaks for itself...

And here's a list of their products including what's available on prescription + pip codes:


I am relativly new to this having been diagnosed middle of this year. I was keen on baking bread cakes etc before diagnosis. i discovered most of the GF breads were dry and dreadful mostly falling apart if not toasted. I have tried just about every flour on the market with mostly poor results (though having gone through the learning curve I will be trying many of them again). I have discovered Juvela flours and I can make a competent bread in a bread machine and have even made a fair approximation of a bagguette in the oven. I have even been able to make chip butties with the bread I've made which were nearly as good the bread I made with normal flour before my diagnosis.

Juvela flour is available on prescription. The white flour pip code is 035-2161. The fibre mix which approximates to a light brown flour (which makes a lovely loaf when mixed with the white flour) has pip code 023-6042.

Juvela do a Harvest white mix but i've not tried it as its taken me a while to get my Doctors to get the order right for the 2 flours I am getting. I made a victoria sponge which was better than any I made with normal flour and my yorkshire puddings made with the white flour are, according to my partner, the best and just like her mum used to make. Given we are in Yorkshire this seems to be praise indeed.

If you give this product a try make sure you read their recipie book as many of the methods are different from using normal flour. Also when making their bread I use xanthan gum as this seems to improve the texture and mouth feel of the bread as well as making it stay fresher longer.

Good Luck.



I have a few things that I get on prescription although I have no idea what the pip codea are sorry. I never use them!

DS pizza bases are quite nice

Glutafin part-bake rolls are very nice, only take about 10 mins in the oven and taste fine when cool. I regularly use them for lunch at work.

Gluatfin pasta and gluten free wheat free all purpose white mix is good. It comes with yeast and instructions on how to make bread. I have never tried the bread but the brownies, cakes and biscuits you can make with it are lovely!

Glutafin has recipes on their website and is you sign up to their love food group you get access to more recipes and they send you a book with the recipes in. I have made the cakes and brownies several times and they are SO nice.

Non-prescription, unfortunatelty most stuff is expensive

Genius do lovely seeded breas, its just like real bread- £2.99 (available at tesco and sainsbury)

Genius also do pies but I prefer to make my own from there ready to roll pastry which you can buy. (tesco and sainsbury)

Tru-free also do exquisite biscuits, including 'knobbles' - chocolate sided biscuits

True-free rich tea, custard creams and bourbons. (tesco and possibly sainsbury?)

Hope this helps someone! Good luck.

If anyone finds anything good let us know!


My gp is really good and allows me to alter my items as needed every 3-4 months. I always get the glutafin multipurpose white mix 231-2973, with this i make fairy cakes, wraps, bread and scones. I just recently ordered some glutafin pasta products on prescription. The spaghetti is the best gluten free I have had. Pip code. 211-5160. So many other brands ended up clumping together and falling apart, In the cooking process. The glutafin product was so simple and tasted so good. My boyfriend even said he couldn't tell it was a gluten free spaghetti. Must admit have yet to master cooking the lasagne sheets! 215-5091 Innovate solutions , I get potato flour, tapioca flour, teff flour and brown rice flour which enables you to make many Phil Vickerys recipes. I also make fan waffles with the potato and rice flour recipe from the Australia woman's weekly website....its foolproof!


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