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Your positive Coeliac stories!

After the initial confusion and shock at Coeliac diagnosis how much better did you feel after a year on the gluten free diet? What new foods have you discovered since being GF? Do you now have more energy to enjoy your social life, hobbies, sport? Have you found a new passion for cooking from scratch? Have you helped other relatives to get diagnosed as Coeliacs and helped them avoid ill health?

This week we want to hear your positive Coeliac stories. It's so easy to dwell on the restrictions of a gluten free diet when you are first diagnosed. But if you flip your perspective you can uncover a whole new lifestyle and foods that you may never have considered before.

So we want to know...

What's your positive Coeliac story?

Note: Watch out the 'GFG Mod bot' will delete any negative moans or groans that creep into discussions. As we all need some good news from time to time so let's share positive stories, tips and hints for good gluten free health.

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For me, the positive things that came after beginning my gluten free life style were tremendous. I have had many opportunities to meet wonderful new people and learn amazing new things. It has provided me with challenges that have kept me intellectually stimulated and on my toes. I now understand a lot more about my body and how it functions. That's lead me to solve other medical mysteries that have been there all my life. I love the gluten free life style and wouldn't have it any other way.... really!


I had worried for years about what was lurking deep within me, so being diagnosed with CD was a relief. I had been diagnosed as I had severe anaemia and I responded to my diet really well and at the end of the year I was on holiday and it was bitterly cold and I went for a walk and I had this sense of warmth and well being and I knew that my diet was working for me and I had only been diagnosed for 10 weeks.

A year after diagnosis I had a minor knee operation and the surgeon asked who should be operated on first and the anaesthetist suggested me and the surgeon asked why and the reply was that I was by far the healthiest. This made me feel great as there were others in their 20's and I was in my early 40's. So this gave me the impetus to keep it up.

Whilst I was recovering from the operation I had been told that I must walk everyday regardless of the pain as I would benefit from this. I had arranged with friends to give me lifts to supermarkets but getting in and out of cars was so painful I would walk to my local shops and I was amazed at how many gluten free foods there were on my door step.

My best find was a cafe/shop that makes falafels which are made with mashed cooked chick peas, herbs and spices, then deep fried. They cook them separately and are gluten free and I still love them.

Earlier this year I had an eye test and the optician referred me to my Dr as I had signs of high cholesterol or natural degeneration of my eyes. The Dr read what the optician had said and then looked in my eyes and said that I had mild conjunctivitis in one eye. And instead of just a cholesterol test he put me in for full blood screening. When I went for the results I felt like I'd been dope tested as the Olympics were on LOL.

But my liver function was good as was my kidneys my cholesterol levels were the lowest that he had seen and the ratio of good to bad cholesterol was very good my iron levels were excellent as was my blood pressure. This made me feel really good and then as I was leaving the Dr said to me I'd like to ask you one thing Mr H and he asked if I was a vegetarian because my iron levels were high and my cholesterol levels were so low. I replied that I ate meat but mostly chicken and fish and I ate a lean steak once a week at the most. He stuck up his thumb to me and said being a Dr I highly approve and I guess that being a coeliac has made you very aware of what you eat so keep it up.

As I felt so awful in my 30's. Now I feel like the line out of a song ''I'm younger than that now''

I cycle to keep fit and relax and my friends are always commenting on how healthy I look and how I've look like I've been on holiday.

I also appreciate feeling well which's something that's whoosh way above the heads of normal wheaties. Being able to make the most of what we have is a gift and can make us have a very positive attitude.


Great to hear your stories. What positives do others have?


For me it was mastering the art of baking with GF Flour! Baking is my hobby and I make all sorts of baking goodies for myself, friends and colleagues and so far, everything I have made has been a success! I am always asked to make Christmas Cakes for friends and colleagues and everyone has been ok with my using GF flour - time will tell whether they like them but given that they have all eaten the muffins, the brownies, the pies and cakes and loved them I think they will enjoy the Christmas Cakes!


A positive is that we live in Europe and not in Russia!


After going gf I found the improvement in my health and well being was quite remarkable. I hadn't realised how unwell and depressed I was. My weight stabilized, my energy levels went up and I started enjoying life again. It's been wonderful to be able to take part in social events and even keep fit classes.

Cooking has become an interesting challenge (sometimes!), exploring other countries' cuisines. Buckwheat and quinoa have been a great find. My husband has joined me in going gluten free, apart from the occassional beer.

I now know so much more about food than I did before diagnosis. I feel lucky that having to avoid gluten has had a very positive effect on my health, it's not just a question of avoiding damage.


I have just gone thru 6 weeks of sheer hell having to eat the filthy stuff in order to get a diagnosis. Test results not in yet but i am more convinced than ever that i have cd. Now nearly a week later and being very strict i am genuinely surprised how much better i feel. I am looking forward to feeling'well' as i was diagnosed with ibs 30 years ago. Your positive stories make me feel better already!


Hi Melomelomel, You poor thing, atleast that's the worst bit over! Give it a year and the way you feel will be even better than you could imagine. I'm a year and 4 months since diagnosis and it's taken me time to adjust but being strict is worth it!


A major positive! Fiona has spent some time during recovery adding to our Pinterest boards and spotted that Ocado had a xmas competition to create a 'My Perfect Ocado Christmas' board. Ever up for a challenge Gluten Free Guerrillas created and entered a board full of lovely gluten free goodies AND WE WON!!!!!! Now we have the luxury of spending some leisure time trawling through Ocado goodies spending our winnings


Well done you.


Will be round to yours for my tea...

Well done..shows that it is possible..



Well, I did actually just post up a blog about how things had changed for me over the last few months and then I saw this question.

My life has definately changed for the better. I was diagnosed in Summer 2011 and for a year things were pretty awful really. It took about a year to fully eliminate Gluten from my diet and not have any mistakes and since then I have begun to feel great. Both my physical and mental health are on the up. The mental health side is amazing! I feel normal (if there is such a thing). I can walk in to a room and communicate with people in a way I was never able to before, my whole life I have felt very distant from other people and unable to connect and now it's a completely different story.

I've even set up my own business making gluten free food, which I love. It's early days but things are going well. My energy levels are increasing which means I can handle the work and don't have to sleep for a half a day, pretty handy when there's so much to do! I've been fortunate enough that I could take the opportunity to do this.

I've altered my life to suit me. I work from home so I can eat what I need, when I need to and I don't have to rush around. I even moved home recently (I rent places so it's not so tricky) and now have all the shops I need within a few minutes walk of my house. I no longer share a kitchen and have everything Gluten Free in there. It reduces stress massively.

It's been a hard year or so up until recently but I would never go back and change things. I thought I ate well before but my understanding of my body and it's relationship with food is evolving and growing all the time and I am eternally grateful to have my eyes opened up to the huge effect that food has on my wellbeing.

One last thing to comment on, this site has helped me no end and I thank everyone who has posted and commented on here. It really made a difference to me :)


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